home of dracula

Well on one of my very few and rare days off me, my paps, his girlfriend and the puppy decided to make the most of it and have a little trip to the seaside town of Whitby! Home of the legend that is Dracula. I had a lovely of famous fish and chips from The Magpie, bought some chocolate covered cinder toffee and a few sticks of rock. I highly enjoyed walking up to the Abbey and wandering around the alleys of town! Here's a few photo's from the day!







Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Been anywhere nice lately? :)

round up of the week #3+4 (sorry they're late)

Hello my little one's :) sorry I haven't posted these, by then end of the week I'm shattered off work and just want to sleep/watch t.v! But I now have the next few days off until Friday so I will be whacking a good few out.. These will include my photo's from a little day trip to Whitby, 'What's in my bag?' post, an Autumn/Winter 11 fashion trend alert post, along with some of my general life thoughts at moment. So here is my picture round up of the past two weeks! Enjoy :-)

 this was a trip down to our local park a few weeks ago.. this man is always in the sun, sunbathing, even if it's not hot! we all like to call him 'leather man'.
 me and my best friend Katie (right) enjoying some refresher lollies, happy times.

 £1!!!! BARGAIN
 well as Harry Potter is finishing after ten epic years, I thought it might be time to go and read the book again and re-live memories. (ps I still need to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt2!!) 
 my little puppy annie taking a rest along her walk. lazy pup!
 rainy day. typical british summer, I realise I tend to talk about the weather a lot. But hey I think it's a rather interesting subject!

 Clearing out my purse I now realise my love for loyalty cards! Tesco clubcard, Boots advantage card, Costa Coffee rewards card, Superdrug beauty card, PS Perdu card, Nando's, Esquires and my Student card.
 Excuse the poor quality but I really enjoyed this outfit when I wore it last week. White lacey dress in the Topshop sale £20, Studded Leather jacket from Monsoon £80. I wore it with my MACCOY topshop boots and some little grey ankle shops but I swapped my black tights for neutral. I intend to do more OOTD at the weekends.
 Nandos red pepper dip, bloody amazing. Recommend this if you haven't tried it before!
 Swans at South Park in Darlington.
 oh-hello my name is Annie and I'm so cute.
 my attempt at 'newspaper nails'.. see this post for more details.
 swans along the old golf course, looked so idilic. they really are beautiful creatures.

 at South Park in Darlington there is a bird sanctury type thing full of a range of different birds. To my amazement the other week when I decided to take a proper look one of them spoke, no jokes! It was possibly the coolest thing ever. His name is Max!
 Katie recommended me some books to read. #1 on the list 'Pride & Prejudice' by Jane Austen. If you have read this please tell me what you think! :)
Trip to Whitby on Sunday. I dressed summery in shorts and a strappy top yet when we arrived there the sun was certainly not out and it was very cold! But a little later on the glorious weather arrived :)

Hope you're all well! xoxo