how to be a student and still shop 'til you drop!

For all those out there that are students.. it's a hard knock life for us. You get an urge of excitement when you see $$$$ when your student loan arrives. Yet with every purchase made from Topshop you feel guilt.. although if you are like me then you would rather purchase that gorgeous leather clutch than eat for a month or two! You know that you should be spending silly amounts on your reading books for your course but instead you get drawn to that tweed, faux fur collared androgynous boxy coat. As a student myself, I know that I need to curb my spending and shopping habits (or so my dad tells me), so thought I would write a students a-z of fashion and a few handy little tips & tricks into spending less.

A is for accessories.. instead of going to buy a whole new outfit go jazz an old one up with a statement necklace or an overload of rings/bracelets, it can add a whole new look to your wardrobe.
B is for buying and selling.. set up an Ebay account and get selling those christmas jumpers your gran knitted that you've never worn.. you never know how much you may earn!!
C is for compact wardrobe.. each season have a clear out, try on. What fits and what doesn't. Throw away what you don't need anymore.
D is for designer outlets.. looking for that killer designer piece to complete your wardrobe? Head to a designer outlet centre where you can save up to 70% off the original price! Designer gear at high-street price.
E is for Ebay.. along with selling your old unwanted items you can save a lot of money buy scouring through Ebay for what you want. You can even get current high-street items for half the price!
F is for find.. find a charity go through and see what you like, look at the changes you could make to an item to make it something you would wear.
G is for go to carboot sales.. car boot sales are a genius idea for finding vintage items at a low price. From accessories to designer. GET YOURSELF THERE!
H is for haberdashery.. customise your clothes. From studs to sequins, voila you have a new top or dress for your wardrobe! Get creative with your clothes.
I is for instinct... use your instinct when it comes to buying clothes. My mam always tells me if you don't know don't buy. If you don't instantly fall in love with an item, umming and arrring don't invest! It will just end up at the back of your wardrobe with no use.
J is for just right.. you know when you try on a pair of jeans and they're a little tight, you think oh I'll squeeze into them, or those amazing heels that are just a little on the small side. Just because you love it don't buy it. You'll regret it when you have blisters and a no $$, wasted on a pair of heels you wear once & never again.
 K is for knowing what you want.. when going shopping for new clothes, have a clear out of your current wardrobe then write a list of what you actually need. This way you won't buy items that are similar to what you already have, saving money and making it possible to get what you need, not what you like!
L is for limiting your spending money.. by giving yourself a limit each month it's easier to budget, buy one expensive item a month, or a few Primark cheapies a month.. instead of a whole shopping spree at once that will make a huge dent into your balance!!
M is for money.. make sure you have some, do not open store cards or go into debt to buy what you want or need.
N is for NUS card.. this is an amazing card to have if you are a student at sixth form, college or university! Basically, by having this card when you go shopping places such as Topshop you get a 10% discount of your items, many places give students a 10% discount with this card.. Or if you go to websites such as ASOS you can get a 20% student discount with a valid NUS card It's well worth £11!!
O is for outlets.. from designer, to retail, to charity shops. If you can get something you want cheaper, do it.
P is for price.. have you seen a similar item for cheaper? I have seen loads of similar Topshop items in Primark, yes sometimes the quality is no where near as good but sometimes the item can last a lifetime!
Q is for question yourself.. do you really need another bag or another pair of heels?
R is for rummaging.. charity shops are an amazing place to fins clothes that you can adapt to fit the latest trend. Don't just quickly look over what is there, take your time and rummage.. you never know what hidden gems you may find.
S is for saving.. save for a few months to get an idea of what is on high-street.. look and don't buy instantly, if you still love that dress a week later, go get it! You may just me impulse buying!
T is for try before you buy.. trying before buying key. Yes, you may love that sequined flapper girl top on the hanger but will you love it just as much of you?
U is for unloved items at the back of your wardrobe.. if you don't wear it chuck it! Give it to charity for someone who will get use out of it!
V is for i'm very slowly running out of things for this x, y and zzzzzz.

It's took me far too long to write this post but it's done! Bashing out two in one night, I promise I will post more, I know I need too! Love yaaaa xoxo


As soon as I saw this pop up on the Company Magazine Facebook page I instantaneously knew this was for me. Calvin Harris, Ibiza. In 500 words or less you had to write a review on a gig you had been to, yes this was more of a general event but I went to see the main act. To me it felt like a one on one session, beyond amazing! This was my entry..

I knew when arriving in Ibiza it was going to be the best holiday of my life, looking back I completely underestimated how much I was going to fall in love with the whole place. Calvin Harris at Amnesia, August 18th 2011. IBIZA.  I promised myself a ‘relaxing’ night, a few cocktails and pubs. However after seeing that my favourite artist was in Ibiza I knew I would regret for the rest of my life not going. Literally the biggest and best night of my life, going out on about 5 hours sleep from the past 48 hours, hitting our favourite west end bars me and my best friend tanked up on absinthe to avoid paying the €10+ amount for an alcoholic beverage in Amnesia, we had been pre-warned. We arrived at Amnesia via a party bus. Waiting for my favourite artist to come, the atmosphere was buzzing, electric, spine chilling. I could even say a little frightening; it was just crazy, full of hundreds of people all to see the same guy. From wall-to-wall the place was jam packed. Just amazing. It came to around 2am and there it was.. Those infamous beats of Calvin Harris, an outstanding artist and DJ that I had been following since the beginning of his career. Attempting to get as close to him as possible as those beats began to build we ran and we wriggled our way to the front, along the way having drinks poured over us and guys grabbing us. All worth it just to be there within a few metres of him. Squished together at the front, no room to move, getting hit here, there and everywhere, arms flying all over. It was beyond crazy. No word of a lie, sweat was literally dripping from the walls, the smell I couldn’t begin to describe it was that overwhelming, but it didn’t matter. The atmosphere was so surreal, to think I was actually there. ‘Awooga’ one of Calvin Harris’ less well known songs came on, me and my best friend brought out our dance move, ‘the gun’, surprisingly enough everyone followed us! Then his most recent song at the time and one of his largest hits featuring Kelis.. ‘Bounce’ came on.  Jumping as high as we could and bouncing all over, crashing into one another, no one cared, IT WAS CALVIN HARRIS. Watching him as he downed another shot, ..’I want to see your hands in the air’, I was in absolute awe of him. Those words all artists say, yet it felt so different, a completely new meaning to put your hands in the air. Putting your hands in the air is his music, that’s what it is all about. To me it felt like freedom. 7am and it was time to catch the party bus home. I could not have wished for a better night. An astonishing performance from an outstanding artist. My love for Calvin Harris will never end, along with the memories of this night!!

What's the best gig or concert you've ever been to? xoxo

a tattoo is for life.. not just for Christmas

Tattoos are not for everyone, they are like marmite. You either love them or hate them. For me it was love at first site, I'm 18 and have two, with the desire for many more. Although some people say that their body is their canvas, for me they have to mean something.

this was my first tattoo a few hours after getting it done. However it looks different now as I got it shaded in on Saturday just gone. As this was my first tattoo I really researched into the pain, aftercare and such. From my own experience I would give this tattoo a 2/5 for pain rating. The outline didn't hurt too much, although it is one of the most sensitive areas to get a tattoo it didn't really hurt that much, I just kept comparing it to childbirth.. not that I know what that is like yet. Getting the shading done hurt even less than the outline, it was sort of just a ticklish kind of pain. Although at the time of getting this it didn't really have a meaning thinking about the whole design of it over the past few years has brought a meaning to it for me. At the time I just loved it, for over a year I just sat in class drawing this onto my wrist at every given opportunity. However now I think that with them being the card suit symbols, to me it symbolises taking risks is life. Take every opportunity that may come your way. You may never get that chance again, and if taking it doesn't work out then oh well. Taking risks is important. Live your life to the fullest!! 

This is my second tattoo. 'Each day is a gift, not a given right', taken from the Nickelback song.. If Today Was Your Last Day. I've wanted this tattoo for over a year now and my step mam said she would pay for it as my present for getting into univeristy! I took my design to a shop and she gave me this script. It's just a beautiful script. Although the tattoo is a lot larger than I originally wanted, I'm pleased, it stands out a lot better. I got the tattoo just below the right side of my bra/boob area, the rib area. This is one of the painfullest places to get a tattoo.. and on this one I would have to agree. It wasn't overly painful that I couldn't stand, I think it was more the fact that I had to lie in an awkward position in order for him to do it on my side.. however.. where the script is long, for example of the 'g' it really did hurt to a point where I wanted to cry! Not going to lie though I'm over the moon with the finished product it's beautiful. When it has healed properly I shall post a better picture as this is just after it was done.. hence the redness and my body covered in ink. The meaning of this tattoo is important to me, yes, you may think 'well it's from a song, why would it mean anything to you'.. but to me it does. To me it's a reminder to take risks, be happy, be wild & crazy and to live life to the fullest. You never know when life can get taken away, either a family member or yourself. I can't put it into any simpler words than my actual tattoo. Don't dwell on the past as things can't be redone, each day you live is a gift from god and that in itself is something special.

Tattoo the pristine flesh
What is permanent anyway?
This ink only lasts 'til the grave,
Skin and ideas decompose
That which we did compose.
~Corri Alius

My body is a journal in a way.  It's like what sailors used to do, where every tattoo meant something, a specific time in your life when you make a mark on yourself, whether you do it yourself with a knife or with a professional tattoo artist.  ~Johnny Depp

What tattoo(s) do you have? Is your body a canvas for your art?


Hey guys! Well long time no see, I completely apologise for my lack of attention to my blog. I really don't have the time at the moment. I began uni 3 weeks ago now and it's been just such a whirlwind of an experience!! Hope everyone who is at university or just beginning is having an amazing time at Freshers. I know I have certainly made the most of the cheap drinks and the takeaway cross the road from our accommodation! A quick little update just before I leave you again.. got my first tattoo redone and got my new one done too! I'm fully aware of how red it looks due to the fact he had just finished it. I think I may do a post in the next few days about my love for tattoos, what they symbolise and the art that they are. My tattoo says.. 'Each day is a gift, not a given right' it's taken from a Nickleback song although these words are so true and mean a lot to me, take chances, take risks. It's what life is all about.

On another update I will be trying my absolute hardest to carry on blogging. I need to! If I want to get a portfolio going I need to keep myself motivated to get myself where I want in life. 

This is all for now, hope you are all well my beauties
Lots of love xox