it's a cult thing

There's those cult movies that everyone talked about, whether it was the controversy it caused or the mixed feelings and emotions you felt watching it. From Pulp Fiction to Signing in the Rain, Claudia has designed a range of posters to commemorate those cult films.

Movie poster (500) Days of Summer 12x18 inches printMovie poster retro print E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial 12x18 inchesPulp Fiction 12x18 inches movie poster

I absolutely adore these! That iconic dance scene between Uma Therman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. (500) days of summer wins it for me though. My all-time favourite film. 



ASOS Marketplace, a hive of vintage, new, and up & coming designers. Scrawling through looking for that piece that stands out, a piece that only a select few will have. I instantaneously fell in love with the quirky designs of ART DISCO. The Hello? sweater was my favourite, order placed straight away!

A British fashion label that was founded in 2009 by Lucy Catherwood and Marie France. Art Disco is a brand that produces statement, tongue in cheeks designs. Their current collection mixes old school Americana with a splash of signature English aesthetics. They are heavily inspired by the film Easy Rider (1969), a film on two bikers and their search of life.. it depicts a feeling of wonder and anticipation as a number events unfold as their cross country trip across America begins.
Art Disco's collection is packed with bold iconic designs that could be paired with those fading ripped black jeans. A collection that caters for both men and women.
They only use Eco-friendly inks to add to the advantages of this brand along with focusing on keeping a timeless staple that is as classic as the white tee.

I will indefinitely be posting a photo of me and my Hello? sweater as soon as I have picked it up from the Post Office!
Lots of love

ps. have you found any unique designers whilst on ASOS marketplace, let me know!

my style

I rarely ever post OOTD due to a poor quality camera and having a tiny university halls room. However what I'm planning on doing is taking them on my Blackberry and posting a weekly run down of what I've worn, rather than individual OOTD's!

What is my style?
I'd say my style was casual, rock chic and occasionally girly! I love the grungey look, which is on trend for ss12. I love pairing a floaty grey skater skirt with a band tee, especially my Marilyn Monroe top, with a denim or leather jacket, piled up with rings! Jeans, jeans are a classic that ALL should have, paired with heels, creepers, flat anything, with a checked grandad shirt, vintage blouse, grey baggy slouchy top.. tartan scarf, bracelets galore. I also keep a few different lipsticks at hand, Topshop OHH La La, Topshop Pillow Talk and MAC On Hold. 

Got a few posts lined up for the next few days, planned them but my exams came around too fast! Hope you're all well lovelies! 


I love books. Lately I've bought quite a few!

One Day
A Tiny Bit Marvelous
Great Expectations

I used to read all the time, but since about 14/15 I've barely picked up a book, it's more Company magazine, Elle, Look, More magazine. However this year I really want to get back into reading, especially after watching BBC1's adaptation of Great Expectations. I loved the story line, so a few days after I ran to Waterstones to buy the book.

Got any good book recommendations for me?


goals for 2012

Well the world didn't end as we entered 2012.. so instead of having resolutions, as I've always broken them ~oops~ sooo, I've decided to make some goals/wishes instead!

  • join the gym at university
  • stick to a healthy diet
  • drink more water
  • blog at least 4 times a week
  • curb my shopping habits (learn how to save)
  • cancel gym membership from back home ~oops haven't been in 7months~
  • get my uni assignments done a week before they are supposed to  be in!
  • work hard

well they're just a few of my goals and wishes for this year! What are yours?
p.s how amazing does The Iron Lady look?!

Whitney Eve

Whitney Port, Hollywood and US star. Reality television star from 'The Hills' and 'The City', writer (blog & book 'True Whit') and a brand new designer to the fashion world. Who doesn't envy her style?
Stars from Kendall and Kylie Jenner (sisters to the Kardashians) to our very own Fearne Cotton wear her clothing line.

I absolutely adore Whitney! Her style and just her. She's an idol of mine for sure. She's beautiful!

How Whitney describes her 'Whitney Eve' collections.. 'Eclectic and feminine, Whitney Eve is a contemporary collection featuring an array of silhouettes from convertible party dresses to charming menswear-inspired bodies that are complimented with alluring colors and exclusive patterns... Whitney Eve evokes a girly nature with a touch of punchy sass that is unique with custom prints created by the designer season after season.'

Casually browsing the tinternet for some new clothes for ss12 (wishing that it was a little warmer or I was off on holiday somewhere!) I stumbled upon Whitney Eve's collection on! Some of the pieces are more high end than high street but there are a select few pieces which have the same prices as Topshop!! Totally ecstatic with excitement that I can eventually own some select pieces from Whitney Eve! 
Here are a few of my favourite pieces...

Zuri wrap dress £170

Jada waistcoat £105

Tarin jacquard leggings £32

What's your favourite piece?

Midnight fantasy

As awful as it may sound.. I am in love with a celebrity perfume. It's the one beauty product I will rush to the shops for as soon as the last spray has gone. Betcha all intrigued to know ey... Britney Spears. Yes, Britney Spears. I've tried a few of her perfume but the one I love the most is Midnight Fantasy, blue, sparkly bottle. I've bought it continuously for the past 3 years!! Everyone always compliments this perfume on me. I fully recognise that perfumes smell different on everyone but this is divine on anyone and I mean ANYONE! The scent to me personally is very sweet and candy like. Just what I love in a perfume, however it's not a heavy scent. It lingers on you all day and I can wear scarves that I've sprayed it on and smell it over and over again. It's just delightful!

However.. I do have a new contender for favourite perfume ever. Diesel Loverdose. IN LOVE, doesn't even express how much I love this perfume.

Just thought I would do a quick post, I've been so tied up with work over Christmas :( I've only had about 3 days off! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and that santa was good to you all. Best wishes for 2012 everyone, love you