sunday week summary (actually more than a week)

Hello my sweets! Quickly nabbing some uni library internet on a Saturday afternoon. Yes, my life is that crazy & wild. I feel a little bit lost and out of sync because I really did get into the habit of blogging everyday.. but some good news - I'm getting the internet installed into my new house on October 3rd, so not too long to wait! Some other good news too, I'm feeling a lot more settled into my house now :) Things are looking up, however not so looking up on the job front unfortunately. I haven't really got any other news or updates for you as I haven't had the money to do much!! I suppose I could say that my little Annie (my pooch) is having puppies in a few weeks time, eeeeek. My god they are going to be so bloody cute aren't they! Anyway, here are my photos from the past couple of weeks.. Enjoy & I hope you're all well. Sorry for neglecting my blog but I'm sure you all understand :)

Home 'not so sweet' home

Hello! As some of you may know I moved into my new house on Tuesday this week. As I can't post much until we have got the internet installed into our house (currently having a Starbucks & stealing their wifi) I thought I would give you a quick update on how I'm doing, what the new house is like and such :) So I'm sorry if this post is a little boring but I feel like I need to let my feelings out somewhere!!

Tuesday was basically spent unpacking, putting things where I want them and such. I already had the majority of my belongings in the house, it was more or less just hanging clothes up and settling in a bit. I do have to say though, as much as I sort of know the guy I'm living with (I'm living with two people & seriously take into account the 'sort of'), he's weirding me out! I asked him where he worked and he said a 'cafe', he worked til 11pm that.. seriously what kind of cafe is open til 11 at night!! Apart from that I feel a bit scared living in a new house basically on my own :( Literally every noise that I hear has me on edge. I feel like every dark corner in the house there's going to be a burglar or a murderer. My mind is terrible :(

So I'm lonely, on edge and certainly feeling a bit homesick! I definitely need my pooch by my side to keep me company & protect me from all the nasty things hehe. I'm going to try and get as many scheduled posts in line as I possibly can. Think I'm going to stay over at my friends tonight, a girl I lived with last year, so I can maybe pinch her internet too :)

For now I'm going to love you & leave you as a job search.. and the rest of this mocha is calling my name xoxo

oh and if anybody has any tips on how I can clam myself down or anything like that please tweet me @lauraconveryxo

sunday summary

Hello everyone! :-) I first of all want to start this post of with saying a mahooooosive thank you for all the comments & feedback on my blog! I try and reply to everyone, it's beyond appreciated all the lovely comments from all you lovely people. Lotssssa love you to you all. 

On another note, this will probably be my last sunday summary post for a couple of weeks *sobs*. I move into my new university house on Tuesday and we haven't got the internet set up yet! SO I may try to blag some free wifi from the beaut that is Starbucks or I may just make a trip to the uni library. I think I'm going to feel completely lost without internet, I'm just pleased I can still watch my fave youtubers on my iphone! I may just schedule a bunch of posts if I have time :-) anyhoo here are my pictures from this week!

back to uni essentials | tapas meal for my dad's birthday! | autumn | bookshelf
rimmel coral & hedkandi | pooch giving kisses | snow white | love my little playsuit
beach picnic with mama for her birthday | mams celebratory Pimms | me & Pimms | treehouse at Alnwick gardens
Treehouse | pretty sky |  #30dayshathseptmer jumper | old clothes!
perfect night | new yankee candles! | funny tweet

songs I'm listening to
the naked & famous - young blood | lana del ray - blue jeans | regina spektor - us | lykke li - love out of lust | fake blood - i think i like it

Here's a picture of me and a Fab to make your weekend better hehe