summer strawberry picking

After a brief period of MIA I'm back. Just a little snippet of life. 

Glorious weather in this country deserves to be celebrated in a good old fashioned way. Roadtrips to cute little villages and wandering the delilghts of farm shops! Yesterday me and my friend packed up a picnic and headed to the lovely town on Hexam. A picnic in the shade of the trees in the Abbey's park and a stroll around the shops, hard work in the sun but it was so enjoyable. Lately I've been overtaken by the Next sale so I'm jumping at any given opportunity to enjoy a little bit of sunshine - prepared with SPF and a mixed slush puppy! 

On the way back we drove past a strawberry picking farm shop. Brockbushes farm, such a beautiful place in the sunshine. The first thing we did was pick up our baskets and headed to the gooseberry bushes. As there is a first time for everything I thought I'd give trying some new fruits a go, I have to say, gooseberries rather taste like sour grapes. I also tried the blackcurrants.. my face was a pretty sight, imagine putting a handful of super sour sweets in your mouth.

After the hard work of picking and eating strawberries around the fields we headed to the farm shop cafe to cool down with milkshakes and ice cream. Much deserved if you ask me! We then headed back home to have a BBQ full of salad, kebabs, pork and of course corn on the cob! 

Such a lovely day. Hope you are all enjoying the weather!