I'm still a fashion junkie, I'm always posting my outfits on my Instagram so check me out there (shameless plug @lrcnvry). Here's a few outfits from the past month or so. I've been making the most of the beautiful summer weather that Britain has been enjoying for a change. As you can tell from them, I am obsessed with kimonos and duster coats, I'm pretty sure I own more than 4 kimonos, all of different lengths, styles and patterns. They're such an easy item of clothing to chuck on and can spice up my mundane monochrome wardrobe.


*takes deep breath and exhales*

I'm feeling very nervous and dubious about writing my first blog post in well over a year. The bloggersphere has grown tremendously in the past couple of years, I feel like it has become a very judgemental place, as much as people still receive amazing feedback, viewers expect too much. A lot of us do only blog as a hobby and for me a few posts a week is time consuming enough. 
The past three years have been an absolute whirlwind for me. I had got into the swing of blogging on a regular basis and the BAM university hits me like a brick wall. (a separate post on my overall university experience shall follow soon) I got sucked up into a world of essays, social expectations and a part time job, even trying to juggle that became a struggle by the end of my first year. 
Blogging took a back seat, by back seat I mean the cargo holder of a plane, so not even economy. But, alas, I have now finished university and it's time to start pushing ahead with the things that I used to love doing, blogging being one. 

So, I apologise in advance if my next few blog posts are a little out of sorts as it has been some time since I have written something that I have actually wanted to talk about. 
Girls Scouts honour, from here on out I promise to write on a weekly basis, at least one post. 
Thank you for all those that have stuck with me, there may be few of you but I am beyond grateful. You're all lush.