|| Brunch Part Deux ||

Okay, so unfortunately I'm not having brunch among the beautiful streets of Paris but I'm having the Geordie equivalent along the popular road of Osbourne Road in Jesmond. A place that I have had on my 'to visit' list for a long time. With a very hipster inspired interior and possibly some of the most enviable milkshakes in the area me and my boyfriend decided to hit it up for another round of brunch. He went for the Full Jesmond and I went for Jam Jar beans on toast. 

I'm taking full on amazing beans, but, not just your average run of Hienz beans. I'm talking butter bean, kidney beans and normal beans on top of Newcastle Brown Ale soda bread and topped with streaky back. A massive plate full of heaven. 

Of course I had to have a side of coffee. Picture taken pre sugar stirring. 

A little day of exploring isn't complete without the obligatory autumnal tree picture. The transition of colours and the slow but steady fall of summer into Autumn is my favourite. From deep reds to mustard yellow. 

This weekend I'm off to my parents with the other half for a little getaway. Queue doggy cuddles and a day trip to the lakes! Keep your eyes peeled for my next post. 

|| Blueberry Pancake Brunch ||

Finally after over a 7month stint at work I'm finally off for a week! What better way to start a week off work than a trip to my home town of Durham for a 2pm batch of blueberry pancakes, with blueberry compote and a hazelnut praline from newbie cafe in town Flat White. I honestly don't know how I didn't die and go to heaven right then and there. If you're trying to impress someone definitely make a stop there. 

The decor was a delight with cactus filled terrariums and the last of the summer flowers in the form of bright yellow sunflowers. One of my absolute favourites. 

It may have been a pretty autumnal day for weather; the kind of drizzly rain that soaks you through and turns your hair into something that resembles Hagrid. The only good thing was after the rain and walking over the river wear to see a slightly eerie mist lingering over the river, so slight you couldn't quite see the rowers in the distance. 

It's not a trip to Durham without a little ponder into the vintage shops just in a little lane around the corner from The Gates shopping centre. A treasure trove which you could spend all day looking at. 

This fantastic Mr Fox sums up the shop. A lovely little day with my favourite person. 

Expect more little posts like this in the future. I'm struggling to find the time to blog and just the motivation to get back into it. Let's see how this goes. 


I feel like with posts like this I can easily manage time and at least start to have some sort of consistency with my blog rather than just random shit? Or do you prefer the random shit? Whatever, I'll do a mix of posts that will be on a regular basis and some more random rambles thrown in for good measure.
So, let us begin with the Sunday post. A common feature within the blogging community but in my opinion a valuable one. It's nice to sit back at the end of a long week and re-evaluate and see what we should be thankful for, what we've loved or not loved so much and just general thoughts on life.

Noteable moments of the week..
+ indulging on all the pancakes, bacon, sausage and maple syrup a girl can eat. *note - I didn't manage to eat it all.
+ turning up for late 2 hours late. Yep, I fucked up. Looked at the wrong weeks rota, thankfully I'm my bosses favourite.
+ binge watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix. I started on Monday and so far have watched 16 episodes.

Laura on life...
I don't have too much to say on life at the moment without dragging myself into a mental breakdown on how I should probably have a plan for 'life, a better job with better pay and better opportunities or how I should really just my general shit together. But, for now, suffice to say that I'm happy with the most of it. The things that I love in life more than make up for the things that make me a little down in the dumps. Yes Karl, that's you (I know you're reading).

It's the little things in life that make it better, things you don't realise. Like that 30 minutes you have to yourself on a morning commute, Having that time to just relax, look out the window and chill, or read, listen to music and zone yourself out before a hard day at work.. Even if the commute is packed and you often find yourself with a crotch in your face. Netflix, I find when I need a day to just relax I'll end up binge watching soppy rom-coms or the latest  Netflix original. Morning snuggles is also a little thing I love, I make sure I wake up that little bit extra early so I can enjoy some morning snuggles with my boyfriend even if in the warmer weather he hates it. He's a human sized radiator you see. Date nights, we make sure to have one every week it's nice to just relax and catch up over a drink even when you live together.

Upcoming this week.. 


Enjoy your week ahead lovelies, Remember, stop, rethink, smile.


As from my previous 'shoe cool for school' post you will all know I'm becoming obsessed with trainers. Most of my collection so far is rather dark, just like the rest of my wardrobe, apart from my Adidas Superstar original white striped pair. I already own a pair of New Balance 420 trainers but this neutral shade is to die for. A simple chic trainer to go with most outfits. From comfy feet to comfy clothes, the tshirt and gilet both from Topshop scream easy boho dressing and spring layering, seen as Summer doesn't seem to be appearing any time soon. I already own a very similar top from Topshop a few years back but they're super easy to pair with jeans or a skirt, tucked in, with this gilet on top is an easy winning outfit for me. From looking good to smelling good, I have loved & Other Stories beauty products for years now and their Punk Bouquet has been a favourite smell of mine since purchasing the body scrub many moons ago. The fact there is now a perfume with this delightful summer daytime smell has made my day. Shame I'll have to wait until payday to purchase it. With top notes of almond, tangerine and green apple, leading to a heart of cyclamen, tiger orchid and lotus flower to the lingering bases of vanilla, tonka beans and tree moss. It's summer in a bottle with a mix of flowers, fruit and sweetness. Another must have accessory on my wishlist is the gorgeous gold plated personalised necklaces from Dixiegraze, spotted on one of my favourite bloggers I checked them out straight away and fell in love. A lovely way to capture a date that means a lot to you, whether it be a family member or an anniversary date. I'm not hinting at my boyfriend at all..... Last but not least I'm obsessed with photography, capturing anything that I think is beautiful. It's always nice to mix it up and experiment a little. Photography can be as creative as putting paint to paper. A fisheye lens creates a cool new effect for me. I already purchased one but silly me got too excited and bought one for the iPhone 6 plus rather than the 6.. doh. 

New Balance 420 - via Urban Outfitters
& Other Stories Punk Bouquet 50ml perfume - via &OtherStories
Gold Plated Customised Roman Numeral Necklace - via Dixiegraze
iPhone 6 Fisheye Lens - via Amazon
Scarf print tshirt - via Topshop
Suede Fringe Gilet - via Topshop


The Boiler Shop Steamer - Newcastle Upon Tyne

The birthplace of Robert Stephensons rocket and now home to the mish mash of cultural foods of Newcastles finest, the Boiler Shop Steamer holds some of the UKs top street food vendors under one roof alongside the finest ales and music. Once a month the Boiler Shop opens its doors to over 3000 people over one weekend so they can experience one of the best food and drink events in the Newcastles social calendar.

It's been a week since I trawled the rain - very unprepared for this - used Google maps to find it and argued with my boyfriend over which direction. The hassle filled journey and the damp coat walking were well worth it for what was inside this old warehouse. It had already been open an hour by the time we arrived and with only 500 roasts up for grabs we hopped skipped and jumped into the queue with our tokens and bank holiday afternoon booze. With a concoction of cherry wine and lemonade for me and a classic ale for the boy the smell of roasting meats was too much temptation. After a good half an hour wait in the queue it was our turn. Trying to decide over a meat in that 30 minute wait was a waste and in the end we got all three. Hog roast, fresh from the apple mouthed pig and slowly cooked beef that melted in your mouth. With a side helping of rustic veg and the most beautiful cider gravy we were all set.

All demolished within about 30 seconds. This fuelled our bellies to carry on and try the other delights that Steamer Sunday had in store. Mac and cheese bites, caramelised onion and goats cheese tarts, espresso martinis, crepes, brownies, doughnuts. You name it, they had it.

Dessert of choice had to be doughnuts. Why you ask? Purely for the salted caramel butter sauce that accompanied it. Hot drizzly sauce over fresh sugared doughnuts. D-e-lightful. My mouth has never been so happy. A rather very close second to the best thing...

This was a rare Boiler Shop Steamer event - hopefully to be repeated in the future - but they have an event on the first weekend of every month. Meaning you will always have one weekend where you can indulge on the best meat, street food and alcohol filled concoctions around. There's no question of a doubt that I will be at the next one.. this time prepared with more room in my stomach!

Check out the links below for some of those that attended and for the Boiler Shop Steamer itself! Keep your eyes peeled for future events and my reviews!

Boiler Shop Steamer

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Instagram @steamerevent
Facebook - The Boiler Shop Steamer

The Doughnut Guy

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Instagram @the_doughnut_guy


Yes, it's been a while. Sorry. BUT I'm back, and hopefully for good this time! I'm kicking my own ass into gear, yes, I am that flexible to do so. 
This post will basically just be photos. Blogs are still online diary's right?


January consisted of living in docs and jumpers, celebrating my guys 25th birthday at the newly opened and sparkly Botanist in Newcastle and falling more in love with the city I live in.


February, pre Valentines trip to my old hometown York and demolishing all the pancakes, bacon and maple syrup at Bills. 


March, my birthday month. Yep, I mean a full month not day. The best month so far! After a nine month full-time stint at my job I finally got to have a two week break. It was all kinds of good. Visiting family, spending time with friends and enjoying those special moments. Also, if you're in the area, hit up Town Wall for some unreal melt in the mouth burgers or Dil & Bear in Tynemouth for some seriously moist brownies.


April meant back to reality and working a job you are beginning to hate. More appreciating my beautiful city and buying an abundance of 80p Penguin Classics books.. I need them all.

May (So far....)

To be continued...