Too cool for school? More like shoe cool for school. Or work in my case. I've always been the kind of lass who only wears boots, brogues or block heels but something has changed. I've now got some sort of obsession with cool and chic trainers.. Although that has not stopped me from sticking to my good old 'all black'. I've bought trainers in the past for pure comfort but just not worn them due to my lack of love towards the look of them. But, after some sort of switch flip in my head I have now bought two pairs in less than a month. 

ONE: Nike Air Force 1
Yes, they are all black. Between deciding on pure and clean white or boring black, I had to go with black.  As much as I wear all black outfits an all black pair of trainers was completely necessary. They go with absolutely everything, although, I do feel a little 'chavesque' when I wear them. 

TWO: Adidas Superstar
The most beautiful trainers I've seen. Faux snake print with a classic suede stripe. I was a little wary at first with sizing but they fit like a dream. Great for lazy Sunday dressing at work. Anything snake print / croc print or black will always be mine. Super chic and street cred cool. Adidas Superstar will be on the rise this year. Next on my list is some classic Stan Smiths with a customised twist.

| and life takes over |

Excuse me while I hang my head in shame for breaking my girl guide promise to post more.
After a three month long break post university, enjoying the sunshine, relaxing with friends and just generally making the most of a well deserved rest life took an unexpected and extremely opposite turn at the end of August. Money dwindling and reality hitting hard, I needed to find a job, you know, a 'career' as our parents would like to call it. Well after spending two weeks and many hours filling in job applications and editing my CV I bagged myself an interview. Job offered on the spot, champion. Although it was a zero hour contract, and my first week consisted of four hour shifts, I got booted straight into full time 30+ hour weeks. Yep, that's been my life for the past four months and it has been bloody exhausting, Travelling two hours a day to get to and from work, not including traffic, as soon as I get home I eat, if I can be bothered, then sleep. I definitely sound like I'm making excuses, I probably am a little bit, but, someone in my life gave me the kick up the butt I needed! I'm not sure what I have in store for my blog in the future but I will try a lot harder to post on a more regular basis. Myself and my boyfriend are going to dedicate our Sunday evenings to our writing obligations.
So, before I throw myself in at the deep end of the blogosphere and promising daily posts, here's a recap of my 2014. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, let the best year of our life commence..

2014 achievements

# graduating university and getting a 2:1 in my history degree at York Minster
# throwing myself off the plank of a cruise ship into a full time job
# decluttering my life of shitty people
# dropping two jean sizes in 6 months

Other notable moments..
completed watching numerous tv series, visiting Edinburgh, eating my first ever steak, doing tourist things where I lived, visiting more galleries and exhibitions, being more confident in myself and of course I can't miss off meeting my amazing boyfriend (cheesy I know).