I need this bag in my life. Dear payday.. get your arse into gear and buy me this beautiful suede goodness in a 60s paisley print. Also, please but me this 'GIVENCHY' top. I need a pop of colour added to these drab winter days, can't beat a pop of fuschia. I already have these boots and they are my new babies, I just need some glittery socks and I'm suited & 'boot'ed.

places to go and people to see

Okay, so I've been living in York for a year and a half now. I've done lots of tested out the nightlife and the shops but I want to explore the city I live in a little bit more. I mean York is probably most famous for it's shambles & of course.. the Minster. I haven't been in there yet and I can get in free for being a student. I feel like I need to do touristy things! 
Earlier this week, whilst having a catch up with my dad, wandering the cobbled streets, it came to my attention that in the centre of York, all within a few minutes walk there are more than 4 churches! It's something I've never noticed before, I'd love to visit them all. Yes, it may just be a church but the architecture of each is completely unique from the next. 

So far I have this..
visit York minster
day at York dungeons (been before but I love it!)
York library history archive, the nerd in me calls.
visit all the churches in the center, there's 5 all together!
museum gardens
York art gallery
cliffords tower
walk along the river walk
York merchant house
treasurers house
walk along the city walls
the wheel of York
York cold war bunker
the golden fleece, York's most haunted pub
Guy Fawkes pub

No doubt there shall be a lot more to add to my list as the rest of my year and a half go along but for now my list is sufficient :) If you have any suggestions for me comment below! And if you ever want a trip somewhere, come to York, it's beautiful. xo

a look through my lense

Journeys of 2012.
Time at home indefinitely meant a trip to the wonderful beach of Tynemouth. Can't beat the best fish & chips around and a brisk stroll along the beach with a cafe on the sands. 
Cute topknot accessory. (post of recent purchases to follow suit soon)
New book, new story, new world.
My breakfast > yours.
Me, myself & I.
My new babies. I have a shoe addiction.. and a clothing/rings/coats/accessory one for that matter too.
Music is a dream. Haim - Send Me Down, Frank Hamilton - Flaws & Ceilings, Disclosure - Flow, Azealia Banks - Liquorice,The Lumineers - Classy Girls.. 

my january picks

I can just feel that this year is going to be a good one! Lots of happy go lucky songs to keep rid of those January blues. Relax, get a cup of tea or dance 'til your hearts content.

Mikky Ekko - His voice is just fine, I recently just discovered him after hearing him sing a delightful cover of The XX Chained, his voice is just melting. To me, if someone still sounds good in Live Lounge then they are a bloody good artist. I need him to sing sweetly to me.

Mikky Ekko - Radio 1 Live Lounge (The XX - Chained) cover
Pull Me Down

Laura Mvula - Another recent discovery thanks to Itunes free single download. You know, they really do greet me with some purely magical artists at times. Listening to her makes me want to close my eyes and dream of a far away magical land. Idyllic and serene, brings you right in the mood for Spring. Picture the apple blossom trees blossoming in baby pink.

Laura Mvula - She
Like The Morning Dew (I think this is still free on iTunes if you hurry!)

James Blake - Now, why have I just discovered him. Bloody love.

James Blake - Limit to your Love

Jessie Ware - There's nothing much to say apart from amazing.

Other favourite tracks for this month: The Lumineers - I've had the whole album on repeat for the past 2 months, there is not one song I don't like.
The Strokes - Especially Reptilia and You Only Live Once (and no I would not shorten that to 'yolo', that word makes me feel sick).
Arctic Monkeys - Yellow Brick Rd is a fave of mine.
Haim - 3 great lasses with great voices.


I'm already so over winter! Bring spring/summer. I just want to wear neon and rave around like a lunatic. Just purchased another pair of sunglasses, I have about 6 pairs too many for living in Britain.. Accessorising my accessories with a gold sunglasses chain that has a chain with a cross either side. Stylish & useful.
Chunky boots. Topshop ADONIS2 boots are currently in my basket waiting to be purchased. Comfy and great for any occasion  They can be made casual or for adding that bit grunge to a girly girl floral and floaty outfit. I don't think I'll be taking these off my feet when I receive them. 
With spring in mind I'm loving pastels. There are some adorable and funky prints out there perfect for the transition of winter to springtime. Think blossom pinks and duck egg blues.
P.S I'm also promising myself to get away from being so bloody monochromatic all the time. I will wear more colour in my outfits this year!


Gangster Squad - A classic mob movie. Full of action and a certain hot guy. Ryan Gosling. Corrupt LA full of gangsters and corrupt police is trying to be saved by an elite of renegade cops. This is definitely on watch list this month. Plus the fact that 40's attire is delightful, elegant gowns and sharp suits. Out 10/1/2013
Beasts of the Southern Wild - Just before the end of 2012 I was watching BBC News, it may have been Christmas Eve in fact. They had 2012 film reviews on, you know, like the best films. I saw this and it was 2nd in their top ten. I have to say it looks dazzling. The film is based around a little girl called Hushpuppy, aged 6, who must learn the ways of courage and love in order to help her father and village. I'm buying this on DVD asap!
Django Unchained - I think I'll start this one off with.. Quentin Tarantino. He's like marmite. Now, I don't like marmite but I think he's bloody great. This film is filled with action, drama and western themes. Lots of explosions and stars Jamie Foxx & Leonardo Di Caprio. Out 18/1/2013
Texas Chainsaw - A remake of the classic. It looks ten times more gory than the original and what guy doesn't enjoy taking his date to a scary film, cheeky little hand hold. Out 18/1/2013


This year I'm trying to read at least one book a month. Reading is certainly an escapism. I adore how your imagination creates what you are reading. I want to read a lot more classics this year eg - Wuthering Heights, On the Road, London Belongs to Me, The Russian House, Great Expectations. If you have any book recommendations for me please share..

At the end of each month I think I may start a favourites post, which will be beauty & fashion based xo

Life Lately: The end of 2012

My life, as you can tell, revolves around copious amounts of tea, candles & books.
This is pretty much the last two weeks. Christmas, a lot of travelling from house to house, seeing relatives, work & home. It's been a super busy past month but I got a permanent job from my Christmas temp one, so I'm happy! 2013 is going to be a good one, I can feel it.