Beningbrough Hall & Gardens

What a lovely bank holiday weekend it has been. Glorious sunshine. Typical that for 75% of it I have been in bed feeling sorry for myself with a cold. However, on Saturday I had invited my wonderful mama to come and visit me. Whenever she comes down I never know what we should do, but with the lovely sunshine I jumped at the opportunity to make the most of it, especially as the rest of the week had been rainy, glum and miserable. 

Google always comes in handy. I searched 'things to do in York in the summer'. An array of places came up but after mama driving 2 hours to get here I didn't want her to trek too far. So, Beningbrough Hall and gardens became our destination. After a quick pit-stop at Tesco for picnic goodies and a mere 10 minute drive we had arrived.

Bright blue sky, green grass and a beautiful straight driveway leading up to the black gates of Beningbrough Hall. Beningbrough Hall is part of the National Trust and I am beyond happy that I stumbled across it. 

The gardens were beautiful. I could just have imagined myself in the 1800s. A cup of tea, a book and afternoon tea on the lawns. Idyllic doesn't cover it. A greenhouse full of Moroccan Black grape vines and a vegetable patch that even Alan Titchmarsh would be jealous of. Asparagus, peas, lettuce, potatoes. Blossom trees and palm trees, it looked far from your average English manor in the countryside, it was verging on exotic! After a bite to eat in the glorious gardens it was on into the hall itself. 

Being a history student I seem to thrive off information, so apparently I thought I'd be cool picking up one of those audio devices that when you type in a number it tells you more about what you're looking at it. It was bloody great. In the entrance of the hall it is filled with paintings, you know, the kind of important people pictures. Dukes, earls and politicians. I learned a lot from this audio narration. The paintings throughout Beningbrough had actually been donated by The National Portrait Gallery, a selection of paintings from the 17th & 18th Century. Hung in the beautifully baroque entrance it set the scene for the whole of the house. Endless foreign influences. 

A truly beautiful day out. Full bellies, slightly burnt from the sun and a widened knowledge, along with a few silly laughs in the dress up area. That is a perfect combination for a wonderful day out. If you're ever in the area I'd definitely recommend a trip to Beningbrough Hall and Gardens!

Top - Topshop / Floral trousers - H&M / Boots - Topshop / Bag - Primark

For now, speak soon. I'm currently snot filled, wrapped in my duvet and praying that Lemsip Max cold and flu rids this horrible beast from me. Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday and made the most of that glorious sunshine x

Things I'm loving

Oh well hasn't it been a bloody while! I think I've had the break I've needed, as much as I've wanted to write I just have not had anything worthy of you lovelies knowing. 
The past month hasn't been a brilliant one.. University deadlines, exams, work issues, family matters and just generally feeling pretty down but the past month has without a doubt put life into perspective. I think sometimes you lose track of what is actually important in life. Yes, university stress and falling out with friends may seem like the biggest problems in the world but as my dearest mother would say - 'there's always someone worse off than you, so just smile' and not a truer word has been said! 

Now summer is on the horizon (well, not weather wise) and I'm feeling happy. I have a placement starting next week at The Yorkshire Times (if you're a northern bird like me, please check them out) they cover all the positive and brilliant headlines that hit the biggest county in England. Yorkshire! 
In June I am eventually moving out of my student house. Hallelujah!!!!! Excessive exclamation marks were needed there as I cannot wait. When students say their house is grotty and awful they cannot say that until they've seen the hovel I live in. As July arrives I'll be moving into my house for my last year at uni, how quick time has gone by, seriously though as if I've just about completed second year. Adult decisions are fast approaching the horizon. Scary. Anyway, the house is lovely.

So without further anticipation here is some stuff I have been loving over my break from the Internet journal..

Foodtube - Im becoming increasingly aware of the sheer amount of time I've spent watching food videos on YouTube. Eagerly writing down delicious recipes and traipsing to York Monday Market to pick up fresh ingredients. I just love it. So, a few channels I have been loving.. 

Relish TV with the lovely Kate Gowing (who also has a food blog too!) 
CrumbsFood.. I'm obsessed. Two lovely ladies whose food is simple, delicious and leaves you with a happy and full tum. This duo also have a blog.

My iPad - newest addition to my gadget and gizmo family. Temptation got the better of me but I have never looked back since purchasing this white 32gb little baby. Music, videos and apps. All my little bedtime and morning rituals are on this. Whether its the standard browse of Topshop and ASOS on a morning to check the new in goodies or watching a film from Lovefilm or a tv series on Netflix before I turn out the light. This is beyond ideal for the student me - television accessibility through my wifi (brilliant now The Apprentice has started again!), a book through the Kindle app and my portable CD player where I listen to my secret guilty pleasures.

Blogs - I may have been MIA from the blogging scene myself but it hasn't stopped me from ogling my favourite blogs.

Tamara's Blend - A lovely little lady whose photography is simply divine. I adore her Sunday Evening links that take me on journeys to new discoveries.
A Beautiful Mess - An american blog full of fashion, AMAZING recipies and bloody brilliant DIY.
Hello October - my latest little discovery but she is gorgeous and has my beauty basket full to the brim!
VIPXO - The queen of eBay finds, impeccable fashion and an all round northern sensation! 
Heygia - a beautiful model whose life I'm always having a look into, her travels, trials and tribulations. 

Oh - and my favourite song

That's all my latest favourite little pleasures.. So for the meantime have a few instagram pictures of my not so exciting life of late!