|| Brunch Part Deux ||

Okay, so unfortunately I'm not having brunch among the beautiful streets of Paris but I'm having the Geordie equivalent along the popular road of Osbourne Road in Jesmond. A place that I have had on my 'to visit' list for a long time. With a very hipster inspired interior and possibly some of the most enviable milkshakes in the area me and my boyfriend decided to hit it up for another round of brunch. He went for the Full Jesmond and I went for Jam Jar beans on toast. 

I'm taking full on amazing beans, but, not just your average run of Hienz beans. I'm talking butter bean, kidney beans and normal beans on top of Newcastle Brown Ale soda bread and topped with streaky back. A massive plate full of heaven. 

Of course I had to have a side of coffee. Picture taken pre sugar stirring. 

A little day of exploring isn't complete without the obligatory autumnal tree picture. The transition of colours and the slow but steady fall of summer into Autumn is my favourite. From deep reds to mustard yellow. 

This weekend I'm off to my parents with the other half for a little getaway. Queue doggy cuddles and a day trip to the lakes! Keep your eyes peeled for my next post. 

|| Blueberry Pancake Brunch ||

Finally after over a 7month stint at work I'm finally off for a week! What better way to start a week off work than a trip to my home town of Durham for a 2pm batch of blueberry pancakes, with blueberry compote and a hazelnut praline from newbie cafe in town Flat White. I honestly don't know how I didn't die and go to heaven right then and there. If you're trying to impress someone definitely make a stop there. 

The decor was a delight with cactus filled terrariums and the last of the summer flowers in the form of bright yellow sunflowers. One of my absolute favourites. 

It may have been a pretty autumnal day for weather; the kind of drizzly rain that soaks you through and turns your hair into something that resembles Hagrid. The only good thing was after the rain and walking over the river wear to see a slightly eerie mist lingering over the river, so slight you couldn't quite see the rowers in the distance. 

It's not a trip to Durham without a little ponder into the vintage shops just in a little lane around the corner from The Gates shopping centre. A treasure trove which you could spend all day looking at. 

This fantastic Mr Fox sums up the shop. A lovely little day with my favourite person. 

Expect more little posts like this in the future. I'm struggling to find the time to blog and just the motivation to get back into it. Let's see how this goes.