|| Pies. Peas. Mash ||

On a rainy day in Newcastle there's nothing better than some classic hearty food to warm your soul up from the British summer showers. What better than good old pie and mash? I'm not talking any old mince pie though.

The Redhouse, situated on the Quayside of Newcastle, offers a range of pies, mash, peas and liquor to top your pie off. From classic steak pie to a little more adventurous chicken, chorizo and sweet potato, all the meat is from a local Northumbrian butcher in Amble and cased around is some loving handmade pastry.

Once you've chosen your pie you choose your mash. Creamy, cheesy, with a dash of mustard or a hint of garlic, there's a mash for all tastes. For me, there's nothing better than cheesy mash! 

Alongside your pie and mash you obviously have to have a healthy dose of peas. Mushy, minted or if you're feeling something a little different how about some pease pudding? Again, I'm going with the classic mushy. Nowt better.

Finally, to round of your beautiful dish you choose your liquor. No, I'm not talking about a shot of vodka on the side. (However, they do have an amazing range of local beers to choose from) I'm talking about gravy liquor. Classic meat gravy, parsley or red wine. A sauce for every pie.

If you want some rainy day hearty food or an alternative to your classic roast on a Sunday head to Redhouse for some bloody good pie and mash!

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