my life through Instagram #004

Really sorry I haven't posted anything this week, been extremely busy on my first week back to uni sorting assignments out. As well as going to Nottingham on Thursday to see my best friend. Also.. some good new, I am now an auntie to little baby Ruby 8lb 11oz! <3 That's all my news from this week really. MWAHx
Got a haul post coming next week as well as a review! So keep posted my lovelies!


the stork & the baby

Today is the date that my lovely little niece -Ruby- is due to be born!! I'm so excited to be an auntie, spoiling her rotten, giving her sweeties and being the wonderful auntie! Praying she is on time so I can visit her before I go back to University on Sunday. *fingers crossed*
So, with baby fever buzzing around my family I thought it would give me the chance of a perfect post for here, a gift guide for those ickle wickle baba's (sorry, I really am in baby mode.. I even talk to my dog in baby!!). As she's a girl, obviously, I will be basing this post mainly around little girls items but maybe a few that would be suitable for both boy & girl!

My life through instagram #002

I'd love to share my life through instagram this week but I have literally done nothing photo worthy this week. When I say nothing I mean basically lazing around watching films, eating, cuddling with my dog, taking my dog walkies! The most I have done this week is join the gym, could have bloody screamed at the gym instructor. 9am bloody induction, bad back, and and irritating gym instructor.. telling me to go on the pec machine, he clearly wasn't aware of my boobs. Had my best friend stay over on Thursday, went for a lovely meal at Joe Rigatoni's in Darlington (they do amazing strawberry daquaris!), then today I visited my wonderful Nana!

(Aware I look extremely vain in these.. left- OOTD from my visit to my nana's (Topshop earrings, New Look top & Topshop Beguilded lipstick) right - me feeling poorly so going to bed and reading One Day.. can't wait to finish the book so I can watch the film. Also.. someone recommend me some books to read please?

Hope you have all had a lovely week!xoxo

'good things' come to those who wait

Good Things is a beauty and skincare range with super fruits designed to make the most of your skin. This range of products by Alice Hart-Davis (British beauty journalist) is aimed at young skin, so preferably from 15 to early 20s. 
Personally, I've never had a good skincare routine *queue peoples shocked faces*, but recently I've had some blemish and skin problems, prompting me to get into the habit of a skin care routine. Going into drugstores to look for a good cleanser, tone and such can become a total chore and nightmare as there is far too much on the market to choose from. After looking at numerous potions and bottles (and shop assistants getting a little wary of me, possible shoplifter) I picked up a few 'Good Things' items, one being a cleanser and the other a mattifying moisturiser, yes, backwards I know!!

The first item I chose to try out was the Deep Pore Anti Blemish Cleanser with super fruit extracts fig and wild strawberry. (200ml around £5.99 approx.) I chose this one due to the problems I've been having with spots and blemishes over the past month as it really started to get me feeling down.

What they say.. For skin prone to breakouts and oiliness, our 2-in-1 cleanser and toner helps to unclog pores and remove excess seburn without stripping your skin's natural oils. It will take off your make-up too, and has hydrating fig extract to soften skin. Super fruit beauty boosters include wild strawberry extract for radiant skin, along with willow bark and licorice extract which both help keep bacteria at bay.

What I say.. I've been using this twice a day, morning before I apply make-up and on a night after removing make-up, for around a month know and I can really notice the difference. I concentrate more of the cleanser around my t-zone when applying but I still apply all over my facial area. My break outs tend to be on and around my chin area, this cleanser has reduced the redness and has now started to clear them up. Blemishes and spots are a lot less frequent and I can see a visible different in my skin, it seems to be a lot.. healthier and clearer in general. So far so good *touch wood*

I haven't really used the moisturiser as such yet.. Putting a cleanser into my -non existent- routine was hard enough to start with but I've just never enjoyed using moisturiser. I think it's more the fact that I know I have quite combination-oily skin that I'm afraid of them. But.. no doubt in time I will incorporate this and will be just as impressed!!

Once starting a routine, at first it might seem strange but after a while it's something you can't go without. You can really notice a difference in your skin. Around my nose area the pores would usually be quite visible but after using this product they are a lot less visible and my skin in general seems a lot more bright and healthy. can purchase these products at Boots stores, Superdrug and now at Sainsburys.
If you want to find out more, visit the website


Marina Diamondis, style icon and a brilliant musical talent. First arriving in 2010 with her first single 'Hollywood', Marina showed us her eccentric and unique style from then on. She describes her style as vintage, cheerleader and cartoon. Marina Lambrini Diamandis loves 90's cartoon, along with neon also being a favourite inspiration. Think Powepuff girls, cartoon network, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Gwen Stefani, Vivienne Westwood all collaborated into one fashionista and you would get the result of Marina. 

key pieces
  • bold lipstick
  • leather jacket
  • neon accesories
  • prints
  • americana 
To find your Marina style, head towards your charity and vintage shops for those classic, chic pieces. Wear a simple black and white outfit added with a bold lipstick for that pop of colour. Dress like a modern Barbie, pink and cartoon-esque. Go goth. 

Marina Diamandis Exudes Pure Rock Chick Glamour With Smoky Eyes And Fluoro Lips, 2011

Marina Diamandis leaving Radio 1 studios