by the light of a dozen candles

It's the end of October, the cold dark night are drawing in, the clocks go back tonight & I've woke up to snow. I spent last night burning candles, enjoying their scents and watching the snow fall. Idyllic or what? This means that's it time to pull out some of my all time favourite Christmas films (The Holiday, Love Actually, Bridget Jones & It's a Wonderful Life), get all cosy and snug with a blanket, light some candles and eat a bucket load of salted caramel popcorn & a tub of cinnamon waffle ice-cream!! Can you tell I love this season. Just imagine yourself going to a gorgeous cottage in the Cotswolds with an open fire and Jude Law - FYI I will marry him one day!

What do all these films have in common though? Carol singing, LOVE, snowfall, Christmas and obviously the mood setting candles.. Candles make everything seem 10x better, the smell, the soft light, the warmth they make you feel whilst reading a book next to them.

I'm a massive candle lover myself. I have several on my bedside table and on a night I switch off my lights, light up the candles and read. It just makes you feel so relaxed.. especially if you have a hot chocolate by your side - with extra marshmallows, whipped cream AND chocolate sprinkles - plus the fact they will eventually come in handy if you ever have to endure a powercut!

Two of my favourite brands to get candles from are (stating the obvious) Yankee Candles anddddd NEXT of all places! I've tried a lot of their fragrances from candles to scented diffusers, the strawberry & cream one being my favourite, and they really do smell bloody amazing!! Sometimes I find when you buy a candle it can smell amazing but when you light it no fragrance is released. Next's candles release the fragrance whilst they are burning and they have a range of scents to suit everyone's taste. From spices to a classic Noel. 

Here are my 4 picks from Next's fragrance & home collection. Perfect for making any room look cosy!

Perfect scents for autumn/winter: cinnamon, apple, pear, musk, christmas cookie, fig, spices, blissful autumn, red velvet, sugared apple! There's a lot of different candle scents at Next but vanilla is such a classic scent that leaves your room smelling sweet & inviting. Festive Spice is great for those nights when you're watching the tele with a glass of wine! Be sure to check Next's wonderful range out

sunday summary

Hello everyone! Wow, this week has felt like a long one.. probably because I've been working my ass off at uni and been sorting myself out for my new job! Yipee, eventually got a job, only a Christmas Temp but I'm going to work super hard so that I get considered to be kept on for permanent. These are the photos from my past week.. Enjoy & have a lovely Sunday night!

If I were...

Hello my wonderful readers! I know you're probably sick of me doing these types of posts but I don't have a camera other than my iPhone at the moment and I'm quite busy getting stuck into my university assignments, so for me these are just some quick posts than I can put out. Better than nothing ey?
So this post is 'if I were'.. where basically you say what you would be if you were that something! Hope you enjoy :-)

If I were a gemstone.. I would be an opal. They are super pretty and have a range of colours in them.
If I were a scent.. I would be frosted cinnamon pastry. (I really want one now!)
If I were a pair of shoes.. I would be a pair of brogues. Androgynous, comfy and go with anything!
If I were the weather.. I would be frosty autumn morning.
If I were a facial expression.. I would be a laughing smile.

If I were a car.. I would be a Land Rover Discovery. Adventurous.
If I were a time of the day.. I would be bedtime. I love sleep.
If I were a month.. I would be December! I love Christmas and the run up to it.
If I were a liquid.. I would be Robinsons Summer Fruits. My favourite.
If I were a taste.. I would be something sweet.

If I were a sea animal.. I would be a turtle!
If I were a food.. I would be a strawberry cheesecake.
If I were a colour.. I would be an electric blue.
If I were a musical instrument.. I would be a piano.
If I were a flower.. I would be an orchid.
If I were a song.. I would be (I seriously could not decide one)

If I were a planet.. I'd obviously have to be Earth.. or maybe Mars.
If I were an object.. I would be an old vintage compass. If it could speak it would tell a million stories.
If I were a fruit.. I'd be a strawberry.
If I were a sound.. I would be the rain hitting my window.
If I were a day of the week.. I would be a lazy sunday night.


autumn is..

As I've said in some previous posts, Autumn is my favourite season by far! The magic colour transformation of the leaves.. from golden honey to crimson & burgundy to cinnmon browns and pumpkin orange! I saw this post on the lovely bridget jones (check her out she is a lovely girl!) and thought I would share with you lovelies what my favourite things about autumn are..

Crunchy leaves
Conker hunting
Pumpkin carving
Crisp, cold, frosty mornings that sparkle!
How pretty the trees look in their magic transformation
Bonfire night & sparklers
The fact I can get away with being so pale (I don't do being tanned)
Rosy cheeks
Sitting by the fire & reading a book
Cosy cardigans & jumpers. Being British I own too many!
Autumnal sunsets.. they seem to be super pretty
Hot chocolate, cream, marshmallows & chocolate sprinkles. The full works.
Starbucks red cup time

Tumblr_mc40obessr1qazfn1o1_500_large raised right men

Just a Drop of Water in an Endless Sea       Tumblr_mavf0by9jo1re3mpwo1_500_large

Yes, that's me holding a sparkler!


me being a pale bitch.. and wearing my new fave lippy.

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Ok... that's a pretty extensive list hah. But I like I said it's my favourite :-) what are your favourite things about this season?

sunday summary

Oh wow, it feels like years since I did one of these posts! But they will become a regular occurrence once again.. pinky promise! So what have I been up to since the last one of these?.. well I'm back at university, living in my new house, I've done a lot of shopping, I have 9 puppies roaming around at home and I think that's just about it. Here are my photos from then til now..