Wild flower


summer strawberry picking

After a brief period of MIA I'm back. Just a little snippet of life. 

Glorious weather in this country deserves to be celebrated in a good old fashioned way. Roadtrips to cute little villages and wandering the delilghts of farm shops! Yesterday me and my friend packed up a picnic and headed to the lovely town on Hexam. A picnic in the shade of the trees in the Abbey's park and a stroll around the shops, hard work in the sun but it was so enjoyable. Lately I've been overtaken by the Next sale so I'm jumping at any given opportunity to enjoy a little bit of sunshine - prepared with SPF and a mixed slush puppy! 

On the way back we drove past a strawberry picking farm shop. Brockbushes farm, such a beautiful place in the sunshine. The first thing we did was pick up our baskets and headed to the gooseberry bushes. As there is a first time for everything I thought I'd give trying some new fruits a go, I have to say, gooseberries rather taste like sour grapes. I also tried the blackcurrants.. my face was a pretty sight, imagine putting a handful of super sour sweets in your mouth.

After the hard work of picking and eating strawberries around the fields we headed to the farm shop cafe to cool down with milkshakes and ice cream. Much deserved if you ask me! We then headed back home to have a BBQ full of salad, kebabs, pork and of course corn on the cob! 

Such a lovely day. Hope you are all enjoying the weather! 

aristan perfection

Yesterday was one of my kind of days. Coffee, countryside drives and cute cottage filled villages. On a trip to Carlisle we stopped off at Corbridge to stretch our legs. There's a number of lovely coffee shops but there's always that one you return to - Watling Coffee House. After a delightful latte we took my nanas advice and wandered to the local artisan bakery. I spotted the huge meringues when we were driving for a space. Seriously, we could have spent a fortune! I desperately wanted to indulge in a meringue - hazelnut, mint choc chip, raspberry - but, instead I indulged in their muffins. Raspberry & ricotta and a blueberry one topped with a dusting of icing and a blackberry! Have a lovely weekend 


A Gothic Summer

It's not a secret to anyone I know that I'm a slave to wearing black all year. It may be summer in season but the weather certainly doesn't compliment it in Britain.

My friends are a bad influence when we're at the shops, after the words 'Oh, go on Laura. At least try it on' pass their lips I know I'm in trouble.

This dress is simply delightful. My figure doesn't particularly suit maxi skirts but a maxi dress with a cinched in waist fits perfectly. Not just your average maxi dress with delicate lace from the calf downwards and a sexy see through lace panel on the back too. I can wear this in the warm days and float around airily. From just popping to the shops to cocktail night with the girls.

 Miss Selfridge (sale) - £20

life lately

The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least. I literally haven't known whether I'm coming or going. Last night I officially finished my second year of university as I pressed submit on my placement report! Cannot quite believe how quick time is going, soon enough I'll be thrust into the big wide world. 
The weather has been delightful this week but until today I haven't had anytime to bask in the British summer. I've either been at work or stuck in the office at my placement. Today was lovely though. York is such a beautiful place come whatever weather and I intended to make the most of a free day. Sunglasses, NME and iPod packed into my bag I headed into town. The city centre was too busy for my liking.. imagine the usual Saturday crowds but with more added due to the sunshine and the Food Festival (had to avoid because I could have ate everything there!). I wandered over to the museum gardens. Greenery, birds singing, an observatory, abbey ruins and a museum. Ideal. I sat up against the ruins and basked in the sunshine, toe tapping away to Miles Kane and Deap Vally. Within two hours freckles appeared and my shoulders slowly turning into a red, time to head home.
Apart from that all I have done of late is watch Dexter on Netflix on a night and hang with friends. Leeds showed me a different side with posh cocktails and chilled vibes and my Miles Kane gig at The Duchess was bloody wonderful, signed vinyl had to be purchased!

Hope you are all making the most of the sun!
(Oh and how beautiful is my nana in the black & white photograph)!

Beningbrough Hall & Gardens

What a lovely bank holiday weekend it has been. Glorious sunshine. Typical that for 75% of it I have been in bed feeling sorry for myself with a cold. However, on Saturday I had invited my wonderful mama to come and visit me. Whenever she comes down I never know what we should do, but with the lovely sunshine I jumped at the opportunity to make the most of it, especially as the rest of the week had been rainy, glum and miserable. 

Google always comes in handy. I searched 'things to do in York in the summer'. An array of places came up but after mama driving 2 hours to get here I didn't want her to trek too far. So, Beningbrough Hall and gardens became our destination. After a quick pit-stop at Tesco for picnic goodies and a mere 10 minute drive we had arrived.

Bright blue sky, green grass and a beautiful straight driveway leading up to the black gates of Beningbrough Hall. Beningbrough Hall is part of the National Trust and I am beyond happy that I stumbled across it. 

The gardens were beautiful. I could just have imagined myself in the 1800s. A cup of tea, a book and afternoon tea on the lawns. Idyllic doesn't cover it. A greenhouse full of Moroccan Black grape vines and a vegetable patch that even Alan Titchmarsh would be jealous of. Asparagus, peas, lettuce, potatoes. Blossom trees and palm trees, it looked far from your average English manor in the countryside, it was verging on exotic! After a bite to eat in the glorious gardens it was on into the hall itself. 

Being a history student I seem to thrive off information, so apparently I thought I'd be cool picking up one of those audio devices that when you type in a number it tells you more about what you're looking at it. It was bloody great. In the entrance of the hall it is filled with paintings, you know, the kind of important people pictures. Dukes, earls and politicians. I learned a lot from this audio narration. The paintings throughout Beningbrough had actually been donated by The National Portrait Gallery, a selection of paintings from the 17th & 18th Century. Hung in the beautifully baroque entrance it set the scene for the whole of the house. Endless foreign influences. 

A truly beautiful day out. Full bellies, slightly burnt from the sun and a widened knowledge, along with a few silly laughs in the dress up area. That is a perfect combination for a wonderful day out. If you're ever in the area I'd definitely recommend a trip to Beningbrough Hall and Gardens!

Top - Topshop / Floral trousers - H&M / Boots - Topshop / Bag - Primark

For now, speak soon. I'm currently snot filled, wrapped in my duvet and praying that Lemsip Max cold and flu rids this horrible beast from me. Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday and made the most of that glorious sunshine x