I'm now employed!

Well my many applications to numerous jobs and the large amount of CV's that my dad had kindly printed off for me has now paid off! I am now employed at Next!!!!
For a first job of mine it couldn't be more perfect for what I wanted. I had my interview last week and amazingly got offered the job on the spot! Got my induction there tomorrow, fingers crossed I will receive my clothes allowance for 'work clothes'. It's only a temporary summer job but I hope to impress her and maybe get kept on for a longer term job or get transferred if I get into university.

Here are a few items I'd like to get with my clothes allowance.

Plain maxi dress £18. I feel that with a maxi dress it can be so versatile and wearable. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on the occasion. It doesn't necessarily have to be hot or summer to wear it. You can easily add a chunky knot cardigan or a leather jacket to keep
yourself warm along with a pair of ankle boots for a bit of a more edgy look.

Teal Lace Dress £35
I love this dress, I think it is just gorgeous! Again with this I think you can wear this either casual for work, with a pair of brogues/loafers/moccasins or you can wear it on a night out with a pair of black wedges/colour block wedges to be more on the s/s trend.

Printed Vest £22
This printed vest is bang on trend for s/s11 and can be took right through to a/w11 due to the neutral, autumnal colours. This top would go fabulous with a pair of black skinny jeans or camel coloured paper waist bag shorts.

This is just a few of the items that I would like, perfect for work or any other time!

On another note I've been wanting a lomography camera for quite sometime now and I eventually found a relatively cheap one on eBay! Hopefully I will win the bid, it's a Pop 9 camera, some form of a tacky gold paper on it but hey it's cheap.

Hope you're all well xoxo

the wonders of a british summer!

The british summer is just so typical and unpredictable! Summer officially began a few weeks ago yet we've had average temperatures and average weather (rain, cloud etccc). Yet these past two days have been bloody glorious! Temperatures in Durham yesterday of about 27/28'c and around the same today. I obviously took up this opportunity to sunbathe, I honestly didn't think it was that hot until I got ready to go out for drinks later and my stomach was all red and sunburnt! Ouchy is all I can say. Went for a few pitchers at the Slug & Lettuce in Durham with Katie then on the way back to the bus station there was a torrential downpour, that wasn't particularly brilliant when I had a little summer dress with some sandals on! Oh I was drenched.
Today I'm just going to relax and read in the garden (covered up) until I go meet Katie to get ready to go to Newcastle tonight in order to celebrate Jasmines birthday!! 80p entry & drinks at the cut, my favourite place in town!

Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather & making the most of it while it lasts!

a tiny bit marvellous

Hello there! Welcome to the first official post of 'a tiny bit marvellous'. Let me introduce myself!

My name is Laura Elizabeth Anne Convery. I'm 18 years old and from Durham, United Kingdom. I can never think of a good name for these things. I don't want my name as it, as I kind of want this to be a place where I can express myself in a whole new light. I was reading 'A Tiny Bit Marvellous' by Dawn French and I thought that would be a good start. I mean I can always change it as I go along right?

This blog is going is going to be a form of diary for me a guess. This may change as time goes on! For now I want to focus on the things I love, things that are marvellous, British mannerisms and characteristics, and my daily thoughts: this could include outfits of the day, a week of photos, haul photos and such.

I've always wanted to do a blog. I could honestly sit all day and read/watch peoples blogs and youtube channels. I've always wanted to do one but then I've gone and put it off for some reason. Long summer ahead and then university, perfect time to start I think. I feel as if this summer then the beginning of university will define me as a person, and most likely change me from the person who I am now.

I currently live in a little village just on the outskirts of Durham city. It's not really the nicest of places, I live at least one bus journey away from friends. Hopefully in September I will be moving away to York to begin a History course at York St. John university. I love York, it's such a beautiful historic city. From the shambles to river. I can't wait to live there! When I'm there I think I'll be a happier person.

Why? Well like I said, I've always said I've wanted to create one, more of an online diary really. I enjoy reading them and would love for people to enjoy reading a slight insight into my life!