Christmas Gift Guide - Stocking fillers!

For her...

From top to bottom: Alexander McQueen thin skull bracelet £146, Luxury chocolate heart slabs (NEXT) £8, Glitter diary (NEXT) £6, Owl hottie (La Senza) £5, Lush Magic wand £4.95

For him...

From top to bottom: Angry bird (NEXT) £8, Guinness brown leather wallet (NEXT) £30, disguise mustache collection (NEXT) £4, Pacman bottle opener (NEXT) £6, Paco Rabanne 1 million £69

Christmas wishlist

My Christmas Wishlist

I know for a fact I will  never get any of these but I've lusted over them for so long!! I intend to save up myself for the Mulberry and the rest but these are things that I would LOVE to receive!

Mulberry Carter double handbag £995 (YIKES)
I've lusted over Mulberry bags for too long! I've always wanted the Mulberry Mitsy tote but since seeing this beauty I have actually fell in love. It's just stunning. A gorgeous midnight blue colour! So similar yet completely different to a chanel bag. It's a similar kind of style but I think it's a lot more simpler than the Chanel. Simple is good in my books! (OH PLEASE SOMEONE JUST BUY ME THIS) -eternal love-

I already know I'm getting these but OHMYGOD are they not the cutest little slippers ever??? I've absolutely fell in love with Penguins after being completely addicted to Frozen Planet! I cannot wait to put these on my feet on Christmas Day.. let's see how the dog reacts haha! (NEXT £16)

Image 1 of Casio Gold Plated Digital Watch
Casio gold watch. I used to hate wearing watches, or anything around my wrist for that matter but ever since I've had a job I have had to wear a watch! I love wearing my watch now. I think it can add a little bit of something to an outfit! I currently wear a NEXT tortoiseshell style watch but I would love a gold casio. They just add a perfect little touch to an outfit! (ASOS £30)

Thomas Sabo charm bracelet and charm (Bracelet £29.95, Charm £21.95)

This was just a quick little post as I'm feeling really under the weather lately but I'm for a trip to LONDON tomorrow :D eeeek! Excited. However a little scared to be going by myself..

P.s what's on your christmas wishlist?

Christmas Gift Guide - Pets

My first year ever of having a pet for Christmas :D my beautiful 8 month old chocolate Labrador, Annie! So based upon having a pet dog this is a Christmas gift guide for dogs! (sorry people with other pets!) Anyway, it's a lot easier to buy for a pet than a person, they won't want to take it back and they won't complain :)

Image forRed Bones Faux Leather Dog Collar by Pets at Home
Annie has had the same collar for 7months now so I think I will treat her to a new one! I love this one, it's a gorgeous red colour, will suit a girl or boy. (Plus it's festive) And I adore the little bones around it, very cute! (£5.99 Pets at Home)

Image for16 Dog Bon Bon Christmas Cakes by Pets at HomeImage forHo Ho Ho Bones 2 Pack by Pets at Home
We all know that dogs will eat ANYTHING!! This is perfect, instead of them stealing our delicious Christmas food they can have their own little piece of Christmas with these biscuits! (£2.49 for 16 at Pets at Home) Or how about these doggy bones? Very festive! (£1.99 for 2 at Pets at Home)

Image forChristmas Antlers by Pets at Home
Personally, I think it is beyond cruel to dress dogs up. However, I don't think there is anything wrong with dog coats to keep them dry during Winter! Nothing wrong in these little antlers either, I'm sure they won't stay on for long but it's a little bit of fun for all :) (£2.49 Pets at Home)


The ultimate Winter coat!


The parka coat for me is the ultimate winter coat. I absolutely adore mine, it does everything. It keeps me dry in the rain due to a waterproof coating on it and it keeps me warm thanks to the quilted inlay that I can detach 
in spring/summer. It is a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion!

Borg Collar Padded Parka

Wax Parka Coat

I will do a 'how to style' parka post. I really do love my parka though, it's my favourite coat for this season. It's long so it keeps quite a lot of you warm, most have a faux fur hood with a fluffy inside so it keeps your head warm, it usually has a drawstring in the middle so you can show your figure off and it keeps you dry! Seriously, what more could you ask for?


Christmas Gift Guide - Grandparents


Every grandma loves gardening and flowers and plants. This is ideal, and I know my nanna would absolutely adore the thought that went into this. She is always growing tomatoes and I'm sure she would find it handy to write down how many tomatoes she gets each time and such! (M&S £4)

Plants are always a good gift to get your grandma/nanna, orchids especially! I get my nanna one every few years as they last so long, and I mean literally years. They flower throughout the year. However, if your grandma/nanna doesn't like orchids then how about a poinsettia plant, gorgeous for Christmas! (Double Orchid £30 M&S)


I've never had a grandad but from the older people in my family I can imagine what they would like. I think this is an ideal gift for family members who have more time on their hands! Looking for the perfect day out. This countryfile book will show 100 places around the country to visit. So you can even make a family day trip out of it or even a little weekend away! (M&S £12)

Who doesn't love a grandad hat? We all love and recognise them. This will keep the head warm throughout the colder months! A beautiful brown courdory cap, bang on trend for this season. See even grandads can be trendy ;) (M&S £12)

Next up: Christmas Gift Guide - Pets


A handmade Christmas

I love Christmas!! It's that time of year where I can watch all my favourite Christmas films and re-watch programmes such as Only Fools & Horses! One of my favourite aspects about Christmas is the decorations and making the home feel so cosy that all you want to do is curl up on the sofa, read a book, watch films and generally relax. I wish I could do that this year but silly me got a temporary Christmas sales consultant job.. not that I'm complaining because I do enjoy work (and the money) but I could literally sit and cry at the fact that I'm barely going to be at home over the festive period, I will be in York in my student accommodation.. All alone! 

However when I do have some time to go home I cannot wait to help my dad put the tree up and decorate it, last year was just perfect. We put the tree up whilst watching films, Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium being the favourite. It was such a lovely day. 
After watching Kirsties Handmade Christmas on Channel 4 last night it has totally inspired me to be a bit more creative this Christmas and make some handmade decorations.. My favourite handmade decorations were the snow globe, heart garland and a decoupage tea light!


kids' christmas lamps

Heart shaped garland

I love the fact that these don't only have to be festive for Christmas, you could put any decoration you like in the snow globe, put any pattern you like on the tea light lantern and do any colours for the garland, for example to put in your bedroom. I cannot wait to give these a go myself when I return home for a couple of days. You can get all the bits & bobs that you need from any craft shop! 
I shall let you know how mine go! 

Have fun decorating your tree! xoxo

Christmas Gift Guide - Father

RALEIGH Men's Knitted Waistcoat
My dad is currently going through the phase of loving tweed and generally looking like a farmer! However I think this is the perfect item for any dad, say if they're popping to the pub and it's a little chilly but don't want to wear a coat, a waistcoat is ideal to chuck on top of a denim shirt! (Joules £54.95)

Who doesn't love the Simpsons? Lets add a little fun to Christmas with these cartoon pj bottoms, perfect for lazing around in til the Christmas dinner is ready or ideal for when you've ate too much and want to burst! (NEXT £22)

This isn't just your average SatNav this is a SatNag.. We all know what men are like when it comes to driving and shouting/moaning about the other drivers on the road or the how the SatNav has taken you the wrong way and now you're lost (we both know it's just because they don't listen). This is a perfect stocking filler or present for a dad. Press the button and out comes turn right to Moaning Road! A lovely little novelty present that is bound to make your dad chuckle! (NEXT £10)

Next up: Christmas Gift Guide - Grandparents


p.s what's on your wishlist this year??

Christmas Gift Guide - Mother

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is a classic timeless perfume that everyone loves. A stunning feminine floral and sweet scent. Perfect present.

Little Superstars
I don't know about you but my mam LOVES Elemis, she watches the slot on QVC every time they come on.  Elemis have a range of sets to choose from, this particular set is 'Little Superstars', containing Pro Collagen marine cream, Pro Radiance cream cleanser, Frangipani monoi body oil, Tranquil touch creamy body wash and Tranquil tough indulgent bath elixir. This set is a little gem, mothers will do anything to look 21 again! 

HOW I STYLE: Jumpers

Jumpers are such a versatile piece of clothing. You can wear them casual or dressy. A huge variety of jumpers to choose from this season, from a gorgeous gold lurex jumper to a chunky knit! Here is a few ways of how I style them..

Jumper - Topshop a few years ago
Skirt - Rare @ ASOS
Dress - H&M
Shorts - homemade

Jumpers are extremely wearable and go with just about anything possible, other ways of wearing them are with leggings, jeggings, black jeans or if they are long enough just tights! So wrap up warm this winter and experiment :)