Yasmin x GoGo Philip earrings ❤ (Taken with Instagram)

Gogo Philip & the talented music artist Yasmin have teamed up with an amazing selection of made-in-italy bold gold jewelry pieces. This little fashionista and super cool singer has produced some amazing affordable pieces that are available to buy right now! Gogo Philip is a brand that presents to us a mix of vintage and statement pieces. Yasmin was perfect for his first ever celebrity collab as the collection goes perfect with her style and the collection is exactly what the whole Gogo Philip brand exudes. 60's inspired, chunky gold, bold and perspex. These definitely put the 'bad' in bad-ass, Yasmin's glamorous, vintage and funky, exactly what this collection is. It oozes style and it suits Yasmin down to a tee! What pieces will you be purchasing?
I will definitely be purchasing some pieces of this amazing collection, bloody marvelous considering prices start at £10. Available online, Topshop Oxford Street & Selfridges.

Yasmin_Gogo-1B YSM 25B YSM 26B YSM 40
E YSM 22E YSM 36E YSM 37N YSM 27

Check out Yasmin's tumblr @ http://itsyasmin.tumblr.com/
twitter: @ITSYASMIN

my experience: university year 1 - LIVING ON YOUR OWN

Sadly, this is my final post in this 'my experience' series! Check out my last post on what a university course is like! So, in this last post I will be sharing with you my thoughts on my experience of living on your own, tips that I have for when you go to live on your own for the first time & just general bits of information.

What is it like living on your own for the first time...
Living on your own for the first time is a scary prospect! I mean for the past 18+ years, in most cases, you have had your parents to wash your clothes, cook your tea, tidy your messes and such. It's such a different world living on your own. You have to fend for yourself, without your parents to be there for your every beck and call. Before I came to uni I could generally fend for myself but simple things such as using a washing machine to wash my clothes had never really been a highlight. I definitely had to ring my mam a few times to ask what I needed to put it.. ( definitely invest in colour catchers, lifesavers!! )

Cooking, cleaning, tidying up etc...
Cooking.. when you move you definitely need to take pans with you as you don't get provided with pots and pans and cutlery. I mean you always have the classic student meals of beans on toast (spaghetti & sausages in my case), supernoodles and pasta to fall back on if you can't be bothered to cook! Definitely recommend getting a student cookbook, they always have great quick & easy meals in.. super yummy too! In my flat we would do nights of cooking for the whole flat.. easy meals such as Thai Green Curry and Fajitas! YUM. When it comes to getting a food shop write a list of the foods you eat at home.. I'm not going to lie it is massively expensive when you get to it but luckily my dad would get me a massive food shop at the beginning of each semester! The only problem I really had with doing a food shop was that I could never bring myself to buy 'own brand' food, I had to stick with Heinz and such. Super brand addict.
So for cleaning and tidying.. definitely keep on top of your cleaning otherwise it's just rank! I learnt my lesson within the first few weeks. It took me until Christmas to invest in a hoover, great investment thought as I can take it to my new house for cleaning there too! Washing clothes, I would put all my clothes into my wash basket and wait until it was nearly full to be honest.. that might sound a little skanky but when it costs £3+ for one wash and dry it was a nightmare, especially when you had to use the dryers twice in order to get them dry!

Tips, tricks & my advice
1. I would cook big batches of food then freeze them for another time! Homemade ready meals.
2. Wash your dirty dishes as you cook and when you have finished eating. Takes two mins!
3. Invest in colour catches. Saves money as you don't have to do a colours, dark & whites wash. You can put it all in one without the worry.
4. Make sure you take pots, pans, cutlery & plates. You may even need to take a kettle and a toaster!
5. Invest in a cookbook
6. Take boxes then you can put shoes & bags in etc
7. Make your room in your flat feeling homely by putting photos up and posters! Memories.
8. Ring your parents when ever you need anything. They're always there for you! But not 24/7 ha.
I think that's about all I can think of!

So like I said.. this is the last 'my experience - university year 1'.. I've really enjoyed doing this series so no doubt there will be more my experience series in the future!
I'd love some feedback on what you lovelies think of this type of post? Useful? What other 'my experience' series would you like to see? :-) any suggestions are greatly welcomed.

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sunday rundown: olympic edition

Being british means so many things. Cups of tea, scones & the Beatles. From 2012 being British is the amazingness and significance of the Olympic opening ceremony. A celebration of everything that defines Britain and everything British. From music to movies, from the industrial revolution to the best of English literature and the amazing achievements that Britain has made over the centuries. It was certainly an extremely British occasion. Full of British humor, British icons and our speciality of eccentricity.

Hat's off to danny boyle for creating a celebration of Britishness and making us all ever so proud. From Paul McCartney to David Beckham. The Queen 'parachuting' was a favourite highlight of mine. The way he incorporated every single participating country into one ceremony was amazing. The olympic cauldron with 204 copper petals to signify every country included in the Olympics was a completely genius idea. Utterly amazing.

A celebration of our history, the Industrial Revolution, our soilders that have lost their lives fighting for our country, our history of amazing literature.. from Harry Potter to Peter Pan. I loved our social media and culture history rundown, a complete mixtape of classic British singers and songs, from Queen to the Rolling Stones to Dizzee Rascal and his cheeky little live performance!

Anyhoo, enough of my Olympic and British happiness! This week has been pretty decent! Monday me and a few of my best friends went to the beach for the day, it was so nice to get away from the town for a day. Was lush apart from the extreme wind.. surprised I didn't have sand imprinted into my head, too windy! Few cheeky little cans and games. Great day. The rest of the weekdays was majorly spent looking for a duvet cover for my new university house! Successful after two days of looking, two gorgeous covers, a floral lavender one and absolutely divine one from Lawrence Llewlyn Bowen's collection. Thursday night I had a lovely girly sleepover with my best friend, pizza and 'This Means War'. My perfect night, I sooo don't need a guy. Yesterday I went to York with my mama bear to show her my new house and so I could get some help on unpacking :-)!

sunbathing / bob marley / my relaxing perfect day / #warmupandwin
yum, snapple / OOTD topshop printed trousers / sneak peak of new room


home sweet home

So today I officially finished moving into my new house in preparations for my second year at university! I'm so pleased with how it looks, obviously all the accessories that I would like aren't down to a tee yet but for the minute it's pretty perfect. Cute heart bunting, colour co-ord wardrobe, flower lights around my bed & Yankee candles to finish the look off. Cosy or what?! Thought I would share with you a few photos of my new room, enjoy! :-) (P.S sorry these are just taken with my iPhone!!)

I intend to do a full room post in a couple of weeks when I have moved in fully! All the furniture was already in my room apart from the white shabby chic bedside table which I got from IKEA for £25! I've also still got some bunting to put up on the wall opposite my bed as it's plain & boring. 

london calling

So I recently got contacted by Jam Social Media telling me about an Olympic limited edition t-shirt that they would like to share with me! The whole image of this was pretty patriotic as the t-shirts were designed by a cult London design team called THIS IS RUDE, cool and quirky. These t-shirts were designed exclusively for Samsung's 'Warm up & Win' competition!

Basically all you have to do to enter the competition is upload a 5 second video of you taking part in one the Olympic events! (Not an actual event but your attempt at it!!) It can be of you, your family and your friends taking part in running, relay, star jumping, long jumping and triple jumping! There are 3 amazing prizes up for grabs by you entering a 5 second video, 5 SECONDS!!

1st prize - £5000 John Lewis voucher & GSIII mobile phone
2nd prize - £2012 sports voucher & GSIII mobile phone
3rd prize - GSIII mobile phone & Galaxy tablet!

Why don't you check out some entries that have already been uploaded @ http://www.youtube.com/SAMSUNGMOBILEUK

in association with Samsung #warmupandwin

from rain to shine

For this outfit it is practical and weather proof come rain or shine along with looking completely office glam! Throw on a little scarf to take the chill away from that cool sunny day when doing the coffee shop run or add a knitted jacket if it's a little cooler than expected and great for a nip out in that drizzly rain so you don't get your beautiful embellished vest drenched. Or with our unpredictable British weather add a classic tweed jacket to deal with rain, wind or snow!

This outfit has to be day out proof as well as weather proof. Jeans have to be my favourite staple in my wardrobe, my go-to when the weather is a bit unsure of what it wants to do! The Dr Martens add a bit grungey glam with an amazing metallic silver but are also comfy enough for sight seeing or a walk around 
the shops. The sheer blouse is great whether the heavens open or the sun is shining, it is sheer enough to keep you cool if it's hot and with the grey knit cardigan to keep you dry if it rains you are sorted for the day. Add some classic Ray Ban wayfarers to complete that sunny day when you are sat with that mocha frap! Or if it's a day at the beach add a hooded scarf for extra protection against those chilly coastal winds with a metallic knit bag perfect for all those daily essentials. Oh, and we can't forget the wellies.. great for any weather if you ask me!

(all the items in this post are available on the next website!)