sunday rundown!

Hello! Well, hasn't the weather just been bloody typically British.. fair to say I'm getting bored of rain, rain & more rain!

Back to my dads this week. Monday was spent looking after my dog whilst the electrician drilled and cursed (was quite amusing). Didn't really mind though as the weather was quite lovely, sitting in the sun with my beaut, some toast & a glass of orange!
Tuesday was spent catching up on some films that I had recorded. Most definitely enjoyed watching X-men Origins: Wolverine. Mmm Hugh Jackman is such a pleasant sight hehe.
Wednesday me and my dad popped into town for a little coffee shop date! Love coffee shop dates, or for me this time it was more like a Sanpellegrino lemonade date whilst my dad sat with his latte.
Thursday me and my dad had a little run to Harrogate, a little town in North Yorkshire. Was a nice little wander despite the rain (again)!!!!
Friday I didn't really get up to much as the heavens let open with a downpour of rain for the majority of the day. Had to brave it at some point though in order to take the pooch out for a walk.. haven't been that soaked in a while! Got back and spent the rest of the afternoon watching Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23! Addicted, but not as good as New Girl (LOVE Zoeey Deschanel!)
Today we had a look to Barnard Castle, about a half an hour drive. Have never seen so many antique and quaint little shops. Was lovely as the sun was shining! One of the antique shops is run by David Harper.. If you watch Bargain Hunt and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is (queue geek status) and we had a little chat with him!! Picked up some delicious bread from an artisan bakery, can't beat the smell of homemade bread. Got some great bargains from one of the charity shops too!! Found an amazing denim jacket, oh but not just any denim jacket.. a dip-dyed tie-dye purple, pink & blue beauty.. for only five British pounds £££, oh and also a book. Definitely going to start picking more books from the charity shop rather than Waterstones!

Can't wait to see my best friend on Monday after her (feels like months) two weeks holiday in Cyprus! So here's my photos from this week...

my baba Annie / view with my toast & orange juice / weird text / cup of tea & X-Men
feeling sorry for myself / face & new army jacket / coffee date / sunny & happy
boy expectations / my tattoo / glum weather / angry at rain face
don't trust the.. / eye & a sty / puffy hair day / OASIS memorabilia
monkey in antique shop / denim jacket from charity shop

Oh also forgot to mention.. why do dates always have to be the cinema or a meal. Why can't someone take me to an aquarium or a museum or an art gallery :(


summer haul

Spent far too much money indulging myself of late. But hey ho, a girl has needs. Online shopping has been a big downfall for me, sat just browsing Facebook or catching up on the latest blog posts and I accidentally end up on Topshop or ASOS. Just too tempting to not purchase something from the comfort of your own home! From blazers to a purse. This will probably be the last clothes I buy until someone magically gives me a job (giving up on the chore of applying now!) .. I wrote the bit before this about 3 weeks ago now, and yes I have bought more, seriously I need help. Going to stop buying from now as I seriously cannot afford to keep up with my spending habits without a job or some cash flow (donations would be great  haha)

floral blazer - asos

shirt - asos

purse - topshop

jumper - topshop

denim jacket - new look

blue q pouch - asos 

trainers - new look

army jacket - ebay

Life's a beach!

This isn't a post that I would typically do, but I think it is just completely inspiring and you could say that it's the catwalk of the beach! Whilst watching a programme the other night.. either Country-file or Country Tracks.. (something along those lines) a feature came up about beach art! Now this beach art wasn't just your typical sculpture you see whilst walking along the promenade in sunny old Spain, this was beach art on an epic and extraordinary scale! As you walk along the beach it may just look like sand that has been scuffed (they use a rake to create these wonderful pieces of art) from its pristine sparkling flatness, however, the best way to see this one is from up above, preferably in a helicopter! But as beach art is quite rare.. and the fact that it gets washed away with the tide.. and that many people don't have a helicopter, here is a few of my favourites! From elaborate patterns to portraits.. they are so intricate and completely amazing, all to get washed away with the next incoming tide..

Peter Donnelly sand dancer beautiful woman

I think I might just stick with writing my name! :)


sunday rundown!

This week has been pretty uninteresting too to be honest! My best friend is away on holiday so I basically have no one (get the violin out please). Had a little trip to Tynemouth with mama on Wednesday, was lovely! Nice walks along the beach are the best, although I do dislike the wind as it gives me a headache. Met my nana & papa for dinner in Newcastle on Thursday, went to the little cafe in M&S for a spot to eat then ventured over to Fenwicks to purchase some of their amazing cupcakes.. I got Oreo and a raspberry & white chocolate one. You must try them if you go!!

creme brulee desert last sunday / cute postcards of LDN from accessorize / my face / article in Company
my feelings about blokes / me being vain / tattoo idea / baywatch tee
new purchase from Topshop / OOTD / beach! / studs & sand
me foolin' around at the beach / Tynemouth priory / cute napkins at M&S / Sex & the City with cupcake
FOTD / View from BHS cafe watching thunderstorm / new shoes / Essie Fiji & Hedkandi Ibiza mix
nails / notes / new tie-dye shoes <3 / angry sky
pretty rainbow / my dog Annie / high river in the park / The Lovely Bones