Django Unchained

Sunday night is a night for relaxing and making the most of Gods 'day of rest'. Movies are an essential part of my Sunday. There's nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a blanket, making an imprint on the sofa and watching some good movies. Just for a change I thought I'd go to the cinema, the last time I went was wayyy before Christmas and as I've said in many posts I really do love the cinema but just don't go enough! So off I popped with a bag of Haribo and good company.

My film choice was Django Unchained. I've been absolutely dying to see it since I heard about it, I've waited well over a few weeks to see and I was certainly not disappointed! Everything about it I loved. It was your standard Tarantino film. The music tracks fitted in superbly with every scene and there was obviously a lot of violence. The story had a happy ending and this film reaffirmed my belief that as much as Quentin Tarantino is an amazing director/producer, he really is a shit actor. Poor Australian accent and poor acting skills.. despite that his death was so cool. What better way to die than get shot and for a tonne of dynamite to explode on you. 

One thing I got to say about this film is that, although the sight of blood does not bother me in the slightest, it was completely over dramatic. My friend who saw the film before me was like 'Oh my God, I didn't realise it would be so violent'.. It really is a standard occurrence of his films! Jamie Foxx is a superb actor, Leo.. well he's always great and even a little appearance of the brilliant Samuel L. Jackson. The wit and humor of this film was top notch. Without a doubt this will be an addition to my Tarantino collection when it arrives on DVD. 10/10.


(without a doubt this was one of my favourite scenes, hilarious)



Have you seen it? What did you think?

friday night playlist

Right my lovelies. It's Friday night and I'm home alone.. Wanna know what I'm up to? Either way I'm going to tell you :)
The Essentials..
Set the mood, cosy duvet & copious cute candles.
Strawberries -my Asda £1 ones are amazing. They're massive and are beautifully sweet.
Ben & Jerry's - my favourite is Phish Food. Chocolate haven when ate with strawberries.
6 pack of Strongbow. (Don't wanna get too crazy y'know)
A great playlist of music.

cheers to the weekend << (click here for my playlist)

party and bullshit.

Kinda like a happier version of Bridget Jones, without the drowning of sorrows.. Definitely some hairbrush singing and silly dancing though.


all the single ladies

Completely cliched title but hey ho. So Valentines day is officially tomorrow, for the single entities out there, spoil yourself, laugh and live. Drinks with my girls is my plan. Here's some outfit inspo to get you dressed to impress. I love a white sheer shirt with neon lingerie underneath, especially when paired with some super high waisted jeans. Flattering on all. Or maybe a bold dress and simple heels.

neon underwear set, joni super high waisted jeans, plume polish, unique shirt & graffiti dress | Topshop
heels | Zara
velvet matte lip pencil in Bolero | Nars via ASOS
rings | ASOS


lent, spent, dent

Sorry for another post of my musings but I've just lost total interest in my blog at the moment. It could be time to start afresh, new name, new design, new posts. The works.

So, today it is Shrove Tuesdays. In mine and yours language.. PANCAKE DAY. If you don't love pancakes then we can no longer be friends. Oh, and sweet for the record. I'll happily have mine with syrup, strawberries, nutella, banana, cream, lemon & sugar. Just gimme the pancakes. Pancake day is the last day before giving up something for 40 days. 

Last night me and my course friends were at our SU (hard to refuse 241 drinks) - especially with my new addiction of double cherry sourz and coke. Chatting about your latest gossip and goings on we got on to chatting about giving up something for Lent and went through the usual things of.. Carbs, chocolate, running (which neither of us do ha), cheese etc. 

Thinking about it more in depth today, after my latest Topshop delivery had arrived, I came to the conclusion that for Lent I won't be giving up and food or drink, but I shall be giving up a bad habit. Spending money on clothes and random tit bits that I don't need?! My shopping addiction is similar to that of a obsessive compulsive disorder. I see, I want, I buy. It's a rare occaission when I come home from a trip to town empty handed. My house mates always give me that look of disgrace. 

I've spent too much money, which leaves a huge dent in my bank balance, so for lent, I shall be giving up shopping. I will power through this. I'm determined. This means no clothes, no shoes, no jewelry, no nothing *sad face* (I may have to get my dear mother to purchase my birthday outfit for me in this case!)

What are you giving up for Lent?


star-cross'd lovers

Valentines day is just another day in the year. 'Love' isn't about spending ridiculous amounts of money showering the one you love with gifts. It's the really little and simple things that count.. That cinema ticket from your first date or a poem.
“Love is heavy and light, bright and dark, hot and cold, sick and healthy, asleep and awake- its everything except what it is!"
Okay.. Who am I kidding?! Who doesn't love being spoiled rotten? As I'm single it means more money to treat myself to those pieces I am lusting over. I'll either be spending my night with my girls, a good film and a few beers or having a night out with copious cocktails, good music. No point in feeling like Bridget Jones, get out and enjoy yourself! Don't get me wrong who wouldn't enjoy getting a card from an 'admirer', oh the times in school when they would get posted in your tray. The art of romance is disappearing..

Who says that sexy underwear is just for a guy? There isn't a better feeling on Earth than wearing your favourite lingerie and brightening up that glum Monday morning or on a night before getting ready to go out the girls. Stick some lace on, put that seductive red lippy on, glass of wine (or a beer in my case) in hand and dance silly to your music. 

come here
and take off your clothes
and with them
every single worry
you have ever carried.
my fingertips on your back
will be the very last thing
you will feel
before sleeping
and the sound of my smile
will be the alarm clock
to your morning ears.
come here
and take off your clothes
and with them
the weight of every yesterday
that snuck atop your shoulders
and declared them home.
my whispers will be the soundtrack
to your secret dreams
and my hand
the anchor to the life
you will open your eyes to.
come here
and take of your clothes.

This is without a doubt a great outfit to wear on a girly valentines night out. THINK PINK. I can never deal with girly girly so rock it up with studs.

Whatever you're doing this St Valentines day have a lovely one. Share the love. xo

what's in my bag?

Bag | Deena & Ozzy
The Hobbit & the essential notebook (monki)
Rimmel Apocalips, Boujois powder, Wilkinsons lip balm (the best lip balm!)
Headphones, purse (Topshop), sunglasses, gum & of course my iPhone!

This is the contents of my bag on an average day. If I have uni there will normally be a bottle of water and a banana :-). My daily essentials.


the musings of my mind & teenage angst

I'm beginning to feel like something is going my way for once. This semester at uni we have to do a placement.. my lecturer suggested your average blasé History placements such as museums. Don't get me wrong I love museums and aimlessly wandering around them but, not for a job. I want to be a journalist. It's all my brain has known. So, applying to all local newspapers/magazines has begun, it's probably just me being overly optimistic. Despite my pessimism I have had a reply, yippee! Fingers crossed that I may get a placement/internship with one of York's coolest up and coming magazines. (Cross all your body parts possible for me pretty please) 
On another note, I have a house for next year now. It's not mouldy, damp or minging. It's like a palace in comparison to this sh*t hole I live in now. Praise the Lord. It's a cute little terraced house. Cosy little back yard - bring on summer and BBQ's. Cannot wait to move in to be quite honest. A fresh new start. 
Sorry for this super rambly bullsh*t I'm blurting out. Needed an outlet. My blog is my friend after all. Ugh, the dreaded St Valentines is looming upon us soon (I much prefer the loveliness of Pancake Day - 2 days before). Such a moneymaking scam. I'm spending it with my girls, cocktails and laughter. Who needs smelly boys anyway? (fyi I'm York's version of Bridget Jones) 
Off on another tangent but the past few weeks I've been having the most bizarre dreams, and I mean like proper bloody strange. I'd get carted off in a white jacket, strapped to a board if I told a psychiatrist. I wake up with a sense of unease and feeling scared. What I'm scared for I don't know, after all dreams & nightmares aren't real!! I feel like my unease is that of someone who is stuck in a rut. I need adventure. Sick of everything being so bloody mundane and full of routine. I need an escape. I want to explore. Italy could be the place. Today I'm just feeling full of angst. Go away please. I can't be the only one who wishes at times that their brain would just switch off for a little while? Too many thoughts and questions wandering around. Maybe I'm having a quarter life crisis if that's even possible. 20 next month. Scary. Time goes far too quick. << >> rewind please. 
Outburst over, brain exploded. 

Tumblr_mhclv7yqg71rhqnt3o1_250_large Tumblr_mdr13fr0fk1qan19ko6_400_large 

Tumblr_m9h9nhx17i1qci0woo1_500_large 19428_409866655759698_998924395_n_large



life lately

obsessed with: Dexter, My Mad Fat Diary, bright lips & nails
reading lately: The Hobbit
loving lately: midi skirts, heeled boots, tassels
favourites: film | blow, music | haim, food | soup, drink | cherry sourz & coke.

I've had a well deserved break of late. After a hectic few months at work and university I eventually got a week free. Time to relax and let off some steam after exams. Retail therapy was involved. Poor bank balance. Catch up family & friends, involving copious drinks and great food. Long snowy walks with my two beautiful dogs. Playing with make-up and getting drunk with my girls, what do you expect with £1 shots?


the rest is still unwritten..

2 0 R A N D O M F A C T S

1 | There are 2 words that I have trouble spelling, like constantly. Necessary & psychology. To spell necessary I have to remember 'one collar, two sleeves'. Good old primary school tips and tricks that are a life long help. Also, up until I was about 13 I used to spell Wednesday wrong. I spelled it 'Wedensday', oh, and equipment. I used to add a 't' in it. I have learnt my lessons and now I'm a spelling bee queen.

2 | I own a copious numbers of jumpers and coats. I guess it's acceptable in the United Kingdom when in one day you can go from snow to wind to sun to thunderstorm.

3 | I still have the blanket I got given when I was born. And what? So, I may be twenty in less than two months but it is a comfort thing. When I was younger I used to take it on holiday with me. You will never separate me from this.

4 | From being born until I was about 8/9 years old my hair went from white blonde ringlets, to strawberry blonde (okay maybe ginger) curls to brown. How can hair naturally go from white blonde to brown I do not know!

5 | I've only ever had one grandparent. My nana. The woman I aspire to be. She's been through a million different thing that would make any one crumble but she manages. For a lady of more than 80 years old she sometimes has a better social life than me! I couldn't love her more. So many beautiful memories and many more to come.

6 | I like peanut butter but not nuts.

7 | I have never ever broken a bone or had anything seriously wrong with me (apart from being weird) - touch wood

8 | I have a really big family and I wouldn't change them for the world. More than 6 aunties, a whole host of cousins. They live from England, to Australia to Canada.

9 | When I go on holiday I don't tan, well I go a shade darker and come out with millions of freckles. Que anecdote - Once when I went to Disneyland Florida for my birthday I had burnt that much a lady said to my mam 'oh bless, your daughter looks like a lobster'. :( Bloody bitch.

10 | I have one older brother called Ben.

11 | I enjoy my own company far too much. I don't like drama.

12 | When I was younger I used to go to Sunday School at church. I did ballet, disco and tap dance and gained several awards. I used to be a part of the Brownies then the Girl Guides.

13 | I enjoy fishing.

14 | I used to be obsessed with Jacqueline Wilson's books and the Tracey Beaker series until I was about 13. Dumping Ground rules!!!

15 | Theme parks scare me. Along with the obvious of spiders and buggy wugs.

16 | Once when going to sleep my mam said 'sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite'. That night I then went to sleep and had a nightmare about bees attacking me. Orrr it could be the fact I had sunflowers on my wallpaper?

17 | The thought of Sushi makes me gag. Sorry I ain't a lover.

18 | I can be pretty pessimistic and complainy. I tend to think the worst or be negative, that way I'm never disappointed. I'm British, it's in our nature to have a good complain and moan.

19 | I've never had a driving lesson yet!

20 | It's taken me a week to write this. I really don't think I'm that interesting..