icons that will never be forgotten

I'm going to start doing a once a week post of my idols, not necessarily fashion based but any kind of icon. It's going to be a collection of people who I think are talented, relate-able, and who I really find myself to aspire to. From Lady Gaga, Kate Moss to Obama. This week I shall begin with Emma Watson, the film industry and fashion icon. I find her just totally and utterly, amazingly talented, beautiful and someone anyone could aspire to be!

For those of you who don't who Emma Watson is I shall give you a few details! (not sure what world you live in if you have not heard of her). Emma Watson is an English actress, most famously known from Harry Potter as Hermione Granger. Not only is she one of the most famous actresses around at the moment but she is a very well known top model. She has modeled for brands such as Burberry, Chanel, and Lancome just to name a few. She is a huge fashion icon, not only for her quirky British style but the amazing beautiful gowns that she wears to premieres. I think Emma Watson is a beautiful person not just on the outside, I've seen and read many of her interviews, from T4 to her Vogue interview. She comes across in such a hypnotizing way, she's smart, funny, and you literally cannot pick any flaws from her. I have never to this day read one newspaper article that has put her across in a bad light.
Anyway, more onto her fashion. Not only is she involved on the modelling side of the fashion industry but she is now also involved on the designing side. She has collaborated with 'People Tree'..

People Tree's mission

  • To support producer partners' efforts towards economic independence and control over their environment and to challenge the power structures that undermine their rights to a livelihood.
  • To protect the environment and use natural resources sustainably throughout our trading and to promote environmentally responsible lifestyles and environmental initiatives to create new models to promote sustainability.
  • To supply customers with good quality products, with friendly and efficient service and build awareness to empower consumers and producers to participate in Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable solutions.
  • To provide a supportive environment to all stakeholders and promote dialogue and understanding between them.
  • To set an example to business and the government of a Fair Trade model of business based on partnership, people-centred values and sustainability.

Emma strongly agrees with the ethics of People Tree saying that "I think young people like me are becoming increasingly aware of the humanitarian issues surrounding fast fashion and want to make good choices but there aren't many options out there." Emma did not get paid for her work at People Tree. 

I think that Emma is a role model for so many young girls. 

What are your thoughts on Emma Watson? Do you think she should focus more on modelling career?

Coming up..
- Fearne Cotton
- Olsen sisters
- Kate Moss
- Lady Gaga
- Amy Winehouse
- Whitney Port
- Lauren Conrad & more...

back to reality

Hello there my little ones! How have you all been, can't believe it's been two weeks since I lasted posted. Thought I would give you a quick update before I do some posts I have lined up...

Well I got back from Ibiza on Wednesday, slept for 17 hours. Yes, that was a long yet amazing sleep! Ibiza was the best time I've ever had. Sun, sea, sand and.. Not getting into bed until 7am nearly every night. Went to some amazing clubs, got the chance to see Calvin Harris, Eddie Halliwell, Example, DJ Wire, Pete Tong, Eric Prydz, Judge Jules, Howard from Take That. Met some lovely people, got some amazing memories. It was the perfect holiday. Although now I really do have the Ibiza blues :( I miss the sun, the people I met, the way of living, the beach. To top it off I now have a cold! woo

On another note I GOT INTO UNIVERSITY!!!!!! On my first day of the holiday, I had no sleep, woke up feeling sick.. not entirely sure whether I was hungover or just feeling sick with nerves. Tried to log onto UCAS to check but it was overrun with people trying to check, my best friend had an e-mail from Nottingham Trent saying that she had got in. Panic just ran through my entire body, I cried thinking that 'oh shit I haven't got in if I haven't heard anything'... luckily half an hour later I received an e-mail saying.. "Congratulations on gaining your 
place onto the BA(Hons) History FT programme at York St John University." I literally couldn't believe that I got in. I thought I had just built my hopes just to be let down but I hadn't!!  The grades I got were also a shock to me! I got a B in History (which is what I am studying at uni), a B in Media Studies and a C in Geography! So from September 17th I will be living in York, studying History at York St John University! If anyone else got their results I hope you all did brilliantly and got into your first choice :)

So.. that's it really for an update! If you want to see a post with pictures from Ibiza in let me know :)


goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.

Just a quick little goodbye, I know I don't go on holiday until Wednesday but I'm at work and have so much to do before then! Hope you are all well, and have an amazing week while I'm away. I shall try to bring some sunshine back with! Oh.. also a HUGEEEEE good luck to everyone who receives AS Level and their A Level results. I shall be getting mine on Thursday while I'm away.. internet cafe style! I have a good few posts lined for when I come back, I promise one a day until early September!! Speak to you all on the 25th when I return from IBIZA

Stay safe, lots of lovexoxo

round up of the week #4&5

I know this is a few days late but still! I haven't really felt up to posting at the minute. At the weekend I let my hair down for a night out in Newcastle which was bloody hilarious from beginning to end! Well.. apart from burning myself on a Shisha pipes charcoal.. really badly burnt my arm :(! Alas I plodded along and got on with it. Had a nightmare at work with the rota, I got really messed about but considering I thought I only had two shifts this week I have four now.. so money is doubled, can't complain really. This time next week I will finally be in Ibiza!!!!!!!!!! Anyone been on holiday recently? Let me know :-)

my little pup. 5months old now, I can't believe it! I thought this was mega cute, she flopped on the floor and her ears had flipped back.

had a trip to pets at home to get some bits & bobs for Annie but I was far more interested at looking at all the cute little pets and what they were up to.. ickle hamster.

little ratty nibbling on some food!

I'm not sure what this is.. is it a gerbil?.. but it was bloomin' cute!



I bought this little ring from Dorothy Perkins, I think it's really cute :-)

made some blueberry muffins at the weekend, b-e-a-utiful, with ice-cream & cream!!

nice to see this hideous little van from our front room window! Just why?

weirdest shape bread EVER


liked my little slipper socks I bought, cute?

hope you're all well! xoxo

I predict a riot

I apologise for the lack of posts over the past week, I literally haven't had the time. My life seems to be wake, work, eat, sleep. Sick of working now but I suppose the money is worth it!! 
How have you all been? Can't believe all of this rioting that has taken over our country in the past few days. I mean it's so surreal to see something like this happen right on our doorstep, quite frightening to be honest. I mean it was just peaceful to begin with but once it turned violent how is it going to help anyone? I don't quite understand how it is going to make the original situation, of the supposed 'drug dealer' getting shot. It's just shell shocking and unbelievable how a peaceful protest has turned into an act of pure criminal violence. It's just rioting for the sake of it now. I see why some people would loot, to get some money, but at the end of the day, yes, you may make a couple of grand from what you sell but the price of you ruining the livelyhoods of many is worth a million times more than that. I can't believe that the store in Tottenham survived the blitz in WWII but couldn't survive some reckless, ignorant thugs! I completely understand that the police are trying their best to take control of the situation and are putting themselves at risk to the thugs, but I believe that they can't succeed in this, it is spreading too far and too quick, and it's quickly becoming apparent that the police are the powerless minority against the powerful majority of the thugs. It really does disgust me what some people can do. To think that those people would most likely say that they are proud to be British but in reality why would you want to be proud of a country which has so many brainless thugs that are destroying some of our beautiful cities, businesses that people have worked extremely hard for, scaring many of the public, killing and injuring many, and just ruining peoples possesions. I apologise for this rant but it's something I feel particularly passionate about at the moment. Seeing my country go down the drain pipe! I'm from Durham and just hope the riots don't come up here, yes many of us are finding these times hard, many of us without jobs too, but at the end of the day where is looting going to get us? In reality it is just going to make the economy worse as businesses have to rebuild and account for the damage and stolen stock.

Stay safe, report anyone you know who has taken part in these riots, and please.. if there is a riot in your area, stand up against it and take part in the clean up. PRAYFORENGLAND. xoxo

what's in my bag?

I love, love, love, looking at these posts or Youtube videos! I think I'm just curious as to what things people carry around with them on a day-to-day basis, I wouldn't say that I'm nosey but I think what people carry around with them can say a lot about the person. I thought I would give you an insight into what carry around with me :-) enjoy!



So what's in my bag?...
1. Bag is cream and burgundy (lovely autumn colour) from Primark for £8 (I think!!)
2. It fasten like an envelope
3.Topshop bag.. containing an ear cuff, a pack of sale earrings and a reciept.. apparently I got served by Rihanna today!!
4. Keys, with a key for my mam & dads houses, a teddy bear keyring from LDN, a British flag keyring from LDN, a Vivienne Westwood Orb and a keyring of a photo of me and my best friend at Sam Jacks in Newcastle.
5. Dawn French's novel.. A Tiny Bit Marvellous from Waterstones.
6. My purse.
7. Sunglasses from Dorothy Perkins.
8. A bottle of Highland Spring water from work today.
9. Miscellaneous.. receipts, bus pass, headphones, pen, rings and vaseline.. would normally carry my notebook but it's out to write my latest diary entries :-)


The LOOK Show, AW11 @ Westfield Stratford City.

Why I should be front row at the Look Show AW11 at Westfield Stratford City, London...

I may not have been blogging long but it's always something I've aspired to do. I remember when I was a keen football watcher and at the end of the match I would always write a piece for a magazine, not to send away to any magazines but to keep as I thought my words described what happened perfectly (this was when I was about 14). Journalism is something I have always had a high interest in but I have always been a little too afraid to give my passion a real go and I feel like this could be the start of an amazing adventure. I have kept a diary for a while now and when describing an event or something that I have done I always think to myself that, the way words are used can be beautiful, the way words can describe something so that you can get an exact feeling of what it was like. I recently went on a trip to London with geography in my last year at sixth form. Being a northerner, from Durham, I found it such an astonishing place. I text my dad to tell him how I was getting on and this is how I described it.. London is amazingly mysterious, diverse, scary, astounding, shocking. just wow. It was never something I could have described without being there. Words describe fashion in an elaborated, intricate way.. Fashion isn't just clothes though, it is art.

So to the point of why I think I should be front row at the Look Show AW11.. I think that I should be front row at the Look Show AW11 (going to do this as a list!)
1. it's my date for moving into my halls for my first year at university but would rather pursue something that I know is me.
2. fashion isn't just the clothes that the models wear.. it's who buys them, who makes them, the ideas and creations behind them that lead them into our wardrobes. 
3. I would make sure that every note I wrote, every comment I made about the AW11 line up, would make the readers feel like they were there, enjoying an amazing experience with me.
4. I buy Look magazine every week without fail, I stash them in my room.. my mam hates the clutter they make but I can't bare to throw them out.
5. it would be a dream to come to London to relive the diversity. You can easily see why London is one of the fashion capitals of the world. The fashionistas of London are NOT afraid to try anything. 
6. I think that a catwalk show full of AW11 highstreet items is the perfect way to make the average earning girl a happy one. Yes who wouldn't kill for Alexander McQueen scarf or a Chanel bag but the highstreet duplicates make us feel a little happier that we don't have to break the bank to look good. It's not just about what you wear though... it's about how you wear it. If you don't feel comfortable in it then in reality it won't look good but if you add your own little twist to it, you will look as great as you feel... I feel like I'm an average girl who so many people can relate to.

Sorry that this was a bit of a ramble but by god it's a passion of mine to do blogging and journalism. It's such a creative way to express what you feel, see. It brings things to life.

a/w 11 wish list

It's not even the end of July and I'm wanting to rush out and buy chunky knits, boots and scarves! I love A/W my favourite seasons. I think Autumn is really inspiring, the range of colours of the leaves and the change in life. Winter for it's tranquillity of the snow. Anyway, us British lot know that we haven't even really had summer weather and Autumn is fast approaching us. Not really fair considering I go to Ibiza in 17 days and I don't want to buy clothes for it! :( But... as I am going to university (fingers crossed) I may as well buy, spend, buy before I go and invest in some items that will last the entirety of A/W.
This isn't really a full board of things I would like but it's a few ideas of what I would like! The items are from Topshop, H&M, Schuch and Forever 21.. trust me if I could buy all of Topshop I would.

hope you're all well, I'm doing well with my one post a day! Enjoy this humid/hot sunny/rainy weather while it lasts :-) xoxo

once upon a charity shop

Today I was supposed to be at work from half one until half five, but luckily my boss called me and said I was to come in tomorrow instead of today. Worked out well for me as the weather is lovely..ish anyway, a little bit of a heat wave but I hate it when it's muggy and humid, much prefer hot! Anyhoo, I decided to have a little walk into Darlington and explore a little more as I've never done so yet. There is a load of back alleys full of delightful little cafes, bakeries, tapas bars etc. I came across Oxfam in one of them, sometimes I won't bother with charity shops but after my last successful trip to a charity shop I decided to have a look in. It was a pretty big shop selling Fairtrade as well. I didn't buy any clothes, however I pickled up a few little gems among the book department! I really want to get back into reading again, I used to be able to sit for hours on end reading. I love how you create your own image in your head of what you are reading.

(top to bottom) Enduring Love by Ian McEwan 50p, Anton & Cleopatra by William Shakespeare £1.49, Discovery & Romance by Mary Treadgold.

Discovery & Romance.. Published in 1946, thought it was cute considering it had a message inside 'Marjorie, with love from Aunty Ethel, Christmas 1948'..

Ian McEwan's Enduring Love. I recently asked my friend to recommend me some books and this was one of them, a bargain of 50p!

 Antony & Cleopatra by William Shakespeare. I've always enjoyed Shakespeare, from The Tempest to Romeo & Juliet. I thought I would invest in another one of his works.

I've promised myself to do one post a day for this week, I have a few things lined up. Autumn/Winter 11 fashion trends, my A/W wishlist, 'whats in my bag', round up of the week! P.s can't quite believe it's August already, bloody Christmas will be coming around soon! eeeeek. Hope you are all well :-)