cheers to the past & the future to come

With a few days left until we begin a fresh new year, it's time to sit down with a glass of mulled cider, reminisce on my past year & think about the year to come. The things I've done and want to do. The thought of 'new years resolutions' make me want to gag a little. I mean come on.. who the f*ck actually sticks to them? Instead of resolutions (e.g joining the gym -the one I haven't been to for 2years and am still paying for-, giving up things etc) I'm going to give myself goals and things I can actually achieve, write a list of things and places I want to do/see. 
2012 in all it's glory has been an alright one. My summer was pretty abysmal due to lack of the $$$$$$$$$$$$. I passed my first year at university. I turned 19. I got a job. That pretty much sums this year up, like I say it ain't been fandabbydosy. 2012 for Britain however has been amazing!! The Olympics, the Queens Jubilee. It's definitely been a year to celebrate and be bloody well proud of. The Queen, what a woman. The Olympians, idols & heroes. 
I'm going to share a few things I intend to do to make 2013 the best year yet!
.......... Don't leave uni assignments until the night before (start 2 weeks in advance), plan my 21st in Amsterdam, go back to Ibiza, more nights out with friends - new motto: work hard, play harder, get my next tattoo done, get a summer internship (already on the cards, fingers crossed!!!!), revise well for exams, read more, rekindle my love for art/drawing, learn about architecture..

Wishing you all my love for 2013!!! Have an amazing NYE, I'll be spending mine with a glass of champagne in hand (can't get too crazy, I have work NYD BOOO)

tag of the christmas kind

Okay, so i may have done one too many Christmas posts but I love Christmas. I think I'm also doing these in an attempt to feel festive. I was supposed to have finished uni a week ago, so in reality I should be home. Decorating the house, watching all my Christmas films, getting the food in for the crimbo din (best part of Christmas!) and waiting to wear my new pj's on Christmas Eve, come on, it's tradition ever since I can remember. - how many times have I said the word Christmas so far ha - But instead I've been at work every day, spending my nights alone in my student house in York, reading my books and feeling like Scrooge. I hate being here alone, it sucks. Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the day after are the only days I have off in the next week. Well, technically not even Boxing Day thanks to the Next sale, hello 6:30am start. 

For now, I'm sat wrapped like a pig in blanket watching a Home Alone double bill. Merry Christmas ya filthy animal. This will probably be my last post before Christmas so, a merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Hope Santa brings you lots of nice things xo

what is your favourite thing about Christmas | Definitely Christmas dinner, ahhh so many wonderful foods.
what is your favourite make up look for the festive season | For me, I like to keep it simple. Rosy cheeks, long lashes & a simple red lip.
real tree or fake tree | I adore the smell of a real tree but fake trees last many years and you can always count on them for looking amazinggg
giving presents or receiving them | You're a liar if you say you don't enjoy receiving presents, but giving presents is an amazing feeling. Especially when you've put so much thought into them!
do you open your presents on christmas day, christmas eve or christmas day evening | Usually Christmas day on the morning but last year I was at my dads and we left it until after dinner, which I quite liked!
handmade christmas cards or bought | handmade, you can make them any way you want. Inidividual and great fun for a grey day like today
what is your favourite christmas film | without a doubt Home Alone 2.
what's your favourite christmas food | I don't think I could possibly decide, hmm pigs in blanket or turkey or veg or roast taties, choices.
what's your favourite christmas song | fairytale of new york
what's your favourite christmas memory | I remember one Christmas when I was little I'd got a huge present.. then decided to play with the cardboard box and make a washing machine out of it.. Cardboard boxes are so much fun.

amazing spaces

I love architecture and interior design. It's not something that even my closest friends know, it's my guilty pleasure. I adore how intricate, different and just how generally amazing all spaces are. Every space and building has a different individuality and diversity to the next. As much as I love huge buildings and how many  rooms you can have, all mismatched and peculiar, you can't beat a small space. Programs like Restoration Man & Grand Designs I can watch for hours upon hours. Watching pieces of history be rebuilt, watching exquisite and unique new houses being made. After being completely hooked on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, it has completely inspired me. From buses and army trucks, to  forest cabins and your very own gingerbread house. With every episode I was completely amazed. I want my own amazing space. 

Where would I have mine? That really isn't a hard question, it would have to either be in a forest or in the Lake District. Imagine a wood burning fire, candles, that oh so cosy feeling. I would have to have a wall or something that incorporated all my friends (my books). Just think, a book, a cup of tea & a view of a snowy landscape in the harshness of winter, idyllic. What would your small space look like?


Love the boxed in chimney

Camping - girly caravan

joyeux noel

In the bleak mid-winter
Frosty wind made moan.
Earth stood hard as iron.
Water like a stone.
Snow had fallen
Snow on snow
Snow on snow
In the bleak mid-winter
Long, long ago 
- Christina Rossetti

Hope you all enjoyed that little poem. I chose it from 'The Puffin Book of Christmas Poems' which I found when cleaning out the garage in the summer. I love findings things that you thought you didn't want at the time but you're so pleased you didn't chuck them out. I've had this book 10 years, no wonder that sellotape binds the book together. Without fail every Christmas I read it, yes I'm nearly 20 but who cares? I wanted to share with you my love of Christmas & what I do in the form of pictures. They tell the stories of my Christmas past, present and future. Enjoy x

bourjois nail polish review

I've eventually found something that I actually want to review about because I was really impressed with a Bourjois nail polish that I picked up the other week. I only really picked it up on a whim because Boots had the buy one get on half price offer on beauty!

I love nail polishes and have an extensive collection but it's not very often that I find one that I love everything about. Firstly this nail polish has a super wide brush, literally one stroke and your nail is done and it's opaque, you only need one coat,which means less faffing around. Secondly the colour is perfect for AW. Glitter, metallic, silver. The finish of this nail polish is ideal. It is a gel finish and it looks great. I never put a top coat on and to be honest this doesn't need one. Last factor on the nails.. After a week it had barely chipped. That has to be some sort of record?! Truly impressed with this. rrp £7.99
Have you tried any other colours in this Bourjois range?


Definitely all about that Christmas playlist and party songs! Classics such as Wham! Last Christmas, East 17 Stay Another Day, Frank Sinatra.. you get the jist. Some other songs I'm loving at the moment are:

1. faux fur hats.. i adore this turquoise one that I recently bought from h&m. Brightens up my outfits instantly, especially as I like to wear black/grey/white a lot.
2. simple make-up & bold lips. Kate Moss for Rimmel 107 is my new favourite, along with MAC 'Quite the thing!'. 107 is a gorgeous deep wine red/plum colour and 'Quite the thing!' is more of an electric deep purple.
3. glitter and lots of it! It's Christmas so glitter and sparkle are allowed. I recently picked up a gorgeous sliver metallic glitter peplum top, deep neckline and back from River Island. Absolutely stunning with a pair of high waisted jeans, heeled boots and MAC 'Quite the thing', great for the work Christmas party or if you're going for a meal.

Seriously I need to stop buying books from the charity shops or lending them from the library, but when it's a super cold night like tonight all I want to do is light my candles, make a brew, get a mince pie and read. 
Recently purchased/lent: The Russia House by John Le Carre - Great Expectations by Charles Dickens - The Book of Fires by Jane Borodale.
I finally finished reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and it was truly magical and beautiful. It's one of those books where your imagination takes over your senses. A must read!

In the month of December too many good films come out. Last week I caught Breaking Dawn ptII.. Amazing. I had my mixed tango ice blast & a pick'n'mix in hand and I was so happy!! It was literally amazing.. go see.. NOW! I have to say watching the trailers before a film has to be one of the best parts.. Films I need to see this month: The Guardians.. it has a tattooed Santa. Life of Pi.. looks too beautiful. Great Expectations.. purely because it's a classic and the cast is great.

what I'm looking forward to in December.. Decorating the Christmas tree, finishing uni, family time, indulging in too many mince pies & mulled cider, wrapping presents.

the christmas gift guide for a student budget

It is officially less than 4 weeks til Christmas now & I'm completely unorganised as per usual.. and skint. Instead of doing my usual christmas gift guide like last years, I thought I would do a gift guide for students like me who have little money but still want to make some form of present appear underneath the tree for their loved ones. I mean, I guess it's the thought that count but I know my family really deserve a good present for everything that they have done for me! Soppy I know.

So.. if you're a student and you're low on money but still want to buy presents then here are my tips:

1. Handmade.. it could literally be anything. Knit a scarf, sew a cushion.. Handmade items are cool, quirky and completely unique! No one else would have the same and it's a really thoughtful gift in my opinion.

2. Charity shops! They are great for anything. You could get your dad a record or buy your mam a faux fur coat.. cheap and great.

3. Ebay. You can find almost anything, even if it is something that is currently in the shop, you can more than likely find it half price.

4. Money. Okay so this is a gift guide for skint students but if you gave both your mam & dad £10 it is something for them to spend on themselves. They could put it towards that pair of shoes they want or that scarf.

5. Do the Christmas Day washing up?.. Okay so it's not a present but doing the dishes or helping with the making of the dinner would massively help and be a weight off the cooks mind.

6. If you can't afford anything then just tell them and say that when you do have some that you will take them out for a nice meal a la courtesy of you :-)

Do you have any great ideas for a low budget Christmas?.. xoxo

instagram & life update

Hello to you all! :-) I cannot quite believe that November is nearly over. EEEEEEK CHRISTMAS. Currently in festive overload.. sat blogging listening to my new made Christmas playlist (you know, Wham!, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Wizzard, all the classics!), eating clementine oranges and about to indulge in a mince pie, yum. I apologise for my lack of posts, been super busy with work and assignments for university. If I haven't been at work I've been at lectures or typing 3000+ words. And apart from that, visits home for a couple of days have been my only escape and form of relaxation from the hustle and bustle of a busy bees life. Anyhoo, here's some photos from my life as we know it.. If you don't already follow me on twitter and instagram please do, I like new people :-) @lauraconveryxo (twitter) @skullsandroses (instagram) MWAH x

meet lexi | candle holder L.O.V.E | review coming soon | poochy on her first walk since having the puppies!!
vampy lip kate moss 107 | in love with this album | christmas present? | yummy oreo dairy milk
ootd | russian h@ | view on my way to work, york minster | essay essentials: latte & highlighters
my new favourite item of clothing, glittery leggings!! | 7am off to the Christmas Fayre at Gayle Mill | Gayle Mill Christmas trees | look what I made & helped the kids to make at the fayre


from my hometown

Hello everyone! Recently I got contacted by the lovely Emily informing of a competition being run by Walton Robinson, a property agent in Newcastle. The competition is closed but she wondered if I'd like to blog about my five personal favourite places in Newcastle. I absolutely loved the idea. Newcastle is my home town and when I'm at uni I always cannot wait to get back. Contrary to Geordie Shore, it's not all about getting drunk and tashing on. The atmosphere of the place is electric, the people are genuine and lovely and there is so much to do and see!
From day to night, family to friends and weekends there is something for everyone to do in Newcastle. As much as I've been a Newcastle explorer from being a baby and countless adventures with my nana and cousins when I was younger, I'm going to share with you my top five places to go if you're ever visiting for the weekend or even if you're a local but you just haven't been before!

Jesmond Dene
For as long as I can remember Jesmond Dene has to be one of the most beautiful places in the City Centre of Newcastle. Ever since I was little I have made trips there. Visiting the animals in 'pets corner', feeding them and going on a trail around the dene come summer or winter was always a favourite of mine. With Chapel ruins, the Giants footsteps (maybe that was only my family that called them that), a huge park and a lovely house which often holds events. It's a place of tranquility and adventure. I remember one winter when my nana took me and my cousins to one of the events at Jesmond Dene House and we sipped mulled wine (well my nana did anyway, I was only 8), made mint mice and wreaths for the door. All year there is something to do there and it's just a lovely place.

Okay, so you might be thinking why have you put a department store as one of your favourite places in Newcastle.. I'll tell you why.. Ever since I was little it's been a part of the average week. Whether it was shopping with my mama or going to the toy department with my nana. Countless hours spent looking and playing with the toys. Not only that but Fenwicks Christmas window visit is a family tradition of mine. Every year for as long as I can remember I have been to visit the magic sight that is Fenwicks Christmas window! Every year it tells a different story, the year of 2012 brings you the story of what's in the train. Another thing I love about Fenwicks is the amazing food hall! I'm a girl who loves her food and boy o boy do they have some lovely delights, I especially love the cupcakes.. my nana often has one ready for me when visiting from university!!

Art & Culture
The world under one roof. I adore this place, if you ever take me to a museum or an art gallery I'm forever yours. Living in the North-East there isn't many museums that hold as much as this does! London is the most well known for it's natural history museum and the tate modern but what about Newcastle?! We certainly have art galleries and museums to rival that of our capitals! From the Great North Museum that holds live animal tanks, relics from Ancient Greece, a planetarium, a reconstruction of Hadrians Wall as well as a hell of a lot more, to the Discovery Museum where science and history collide. I loved this place when I was kid and still enjoy it now! Art galleries, we have the Baltic, the Laing, the Biscuit Factory and more. They all show something different and amazing. 
The Laing art gallery recently held an exhibition of Quentin Blake's illustrations. You may remember him from illustrating books such as The Twits.

The Cut
Being a Geordie I obviously love a good night out and for me most nights end up at The Cut. Newcastle's secret. Gotham for some trebles then hit up The Cut. It's completely the opposite of Newcastle's favourite clubs such as Koo's or Florita's or TupTup.. it's dirty, unruly, not brilliantly decorated but the atmosphere, the people and the music are what makes the place. If you want to go somewhere and not spend the night posing in front of the IamVIP camera and just want somewhere to have a good old dance then this is the place. Thursday nights are my favourite, dubstep drum & bass. Nearly every night of the week they have a different genre of music, Mondays are another favourite of mine indie night. 

Ice Rink
Okay I'm in full on Christmas mode now. Sat with a cuppa, writing this & listening to my newly made Christmas playlist full of all those good hits!! Every year the Life Science Centre in Newcastle has an ice rink from around November until nearly the end of February! What's better than wrapping up in your favourite faux fur pieces, sticking some boots and going for a skate. Every time that I have been I cannot physically let go of the sides ha, I hold on for dear life. (someone teach me how to skate & buy me a mulled cider tehe) Fun for all the family. Whether you can skate or not it's a good laugh.

Vote for your favourite place in Newcastle by checking out the competition here
twitter: @WRNewcastle

What are your favourite places in Newcastle if you're a local like me.. or share with me your favourite places of your hometime! :-)
Love xoxo