Been feeling rather crappy the last few days with cramp, so I have spent the majority of the time in the house.. watching The Hills, Big Bang Theory and browsing clothes sites *naughty*. I have made a few purchases but there is just so much out there that is catching my eye, however my bank balance couldn't handle it so I'm being good and not spending, so wishlist created! 

haul coming soon! xoxo


Rita Ora is a current British singer-song writer and is quickly becoming known for her style. Her style is extremely similar to that of mega superstar Rihanna! From ultra glam to a mix of retro vintage and trend. She's original and quirky with a mix of LDN street style! Gwen Stefani is one her influences.. Gwen Stefani seems to be a big influence, as Marina Diamandis, my last style crush also had her as an influence!! She can a hoodie paired with a beanie into something more glam and feminine just by adding some jewelry to it, along with keeping her glam curls and nails painted!

key pieces
  • denim shirt or checked shirt
  • beanie hat
  • gold jewelry - chains, choker type necklaces, rings
  • black basics (always easy to dress up)
  • bright red lipstick

mother nature

This post is a little unusual I'd say however I think it is quite a good topic as I know quite a lot people would like some advice on how to deal with it. I know this is a subject that most girls either don't like talking about or feel embarrassed to talk about it but we all have it. I'm hoping you've clicked onto what I'm on about now otherwise I'll just spit it out.. yes, I'm on about periods. Well this post is slightly related to that, this post is going to be on cramps and how to deal with them as I hate the cramps, they make me want to literally curl up into a ball with a big bar of Galaxy cookie crumble and feel sorry for myself. However.. over the past few years I have tried out a few different things to stop the pain, from tablets to exercise!

You can have cramps before you start or during or even both. Mine are always before so that's when I know to prepare myself. Many women do get cramps, some just slight and some quite severe. I've tried a numerous amount of tips and ways to try and stop the pain from affecting my day-to-day life at the time I get them. Thought I would give you my view on what I thought about the different options I tried. However, do bear in mind that what works for me might not necessarily work for you, always try different options.

Hot water bottle - A hot water bottle is a good way to get rid of the cramp. Lying down or being curled up with a hot water bottle does the trick. It gives you comfort and the temperature of the hot water bottle cancels out the pain. However, this is not so amazing when you have work or school to go to as you can't just walk around with a hot water bottle attached to your abdomen area, would look a little strange ha. But.. that said it is a really good option for when you are just home (probably less of a good idea in summer too!!)

Tablets - Over the past 5 years I have tried a number of different tablets that are on the market claiming to get rid of period pain and cramp. However, in my opinion I think different tablets will suit different people depending on how severe their pain is. Paracetamol didn't work for me, it wasn't strong enough, but again this could work for you. Then one time on a visit to Boots I saw Feminax tablets which I had seen advertised on the television, so I thought I would give them a go. For Feminax there is two different types, express and ultra. These have different strengths. Firstly I tried Feminax Express, yet again for me it didn't seem to hold off the pain, suggesting that mine is quite severe and needs something stronger. My mam read an article in the paper saying that Naproxen (an anti-imflammatory drug) was good for period pains. After going to the chemist we found that Feminax had a version with Naproxen in it. Bought these straight away and I have never looked back since, until late. I recently saw an advert for Neurofen period pain tablets and I bought these just to give them a go, but they aren't strong enough for my pain. For me the only tablet that seems to work is the Feminax Ultra with naproxen, for me these are a god send.. unlike the price, at nearly £5 for tablets that will last 2/3days. But yes, it's trial and error with tablets to see what suits you best.

Exercise - Apparently exercising during the period in which you have pain is good. I remember when I went to the gym in order to try and get rid of it, yet didn't work for me as my pain is severe. However, I think instead of the gym but if you have a dog, or just go with family/friends, for a nice walk to relax and it will take your mind away from the pain, obviously that won't last for the whole time but at least it will for some of the pain.

Warm bath or shower - This has the same effect as a hot water bottle, the heat disguises the pain temporarily, but it does last for a while once you have you gotten out of the shower. Not only this but the bath or shower is also relaxing, so yet again taking your mind off the pain. (a good excuse to get the candles out and some good LUSH products if you ask me!)

Heat patches - Heat patches are a great, as you can't carry a hot water bottle around work or school, with a heat patch you just put it on top your underwear in replace of where you would place a hot water bottle, having the same effect but making day-to-day life a lot more easier to get on with. These are just as effective as hot water bottles and sometimes in my opinion (along with a hot water bottle) even more effective than paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Like I've said though, these are my opinions on what I have tried and what works for me might not for you. It's trial and error over time. These are only a few of the tips and things to try too! There is a lot of advice and information out there on the good old world wide web to help you. Hope this has been helpful!


daily make-up essentials

Collection 2000 illuminating concealer - I use this under my eyes and on any blemishes I may have. It really is a good dupe for the YSL touche eclat. It does exactly what it says, it illuminates the skin and conceals. The only bad thing I have to say about this product is that for me it tends to crease quite a lot under the eye.

L'oreal lumi magique foundation in C1 rose pearl - I find it extremely hard to find a foundation that matches my skin as I am so pale. However, this is perfect. I love it. It gives a gorgeous dewy glow to the skin and is a great shade for me. It also seems to last all day without touching up at any point. I have nothing bad to say about this foundation!!

L'oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara - I love, love, love mascaras that make lashes long! I find it really hard to come across a good mascara that does so. The only other mascara for me is the Benefit 'They're Real' mascara, but I just can't justify paying £18 every two months for it, as it dries out extremely quick. This is more around the £10-12 price range, saving me a few pound and doing just as good a job as Benefit!

Topshop blush in Head Over Heels - I've had this blush quite a while now but  I hadn't used it for a while so decided to switch my blush from Natural Collections Melba back to this. So happy I did. It's a beautiful coral pink colour, perfect for the summer and with it being a creme blush it adds to that dewy glow. Perfect for summer.

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Bought this coming back from Ibiza last year. I'd had my eye on it for so long but wasn't sure if I could justify paying over £20 for some eyeshadows. I know the bloggersphere adores this palette, and I have to agree. The most beautiful colours. I use these as eyeshadows and I use the colours Naked and Buck for my eyebrows. Definitely pleased that I invested in this. The only other palette I would go for would be the Sleek Storm palette with a similar range of colours.

'sun'day rundown

Well hasn't this week just been a complete beaut. Some much needed vitamin d from that good ol' sunshine. Literally is a sun day rundown! Gained some freckles and some sunburn.

Haven't really done much again this week, becoming a bit of a habit. I need a job so bad. Been to gym, enjoyed the sunshine and took my pooch on some lovely walks!!

Went to Knaresborough in North Yorkshire yesterday! Was absolutely delightful. Went to some cute little tea rooms, decorated with Union Jack flags, sat outside with a glass of cloudy lemonade and a toasted chicken & sweet chili sandwich. Sat at the castle for the rest of day and read a book on my iphone. Such a lovely view over to the railway line and down onto the river. Fair to say I caught the sun. 

Today I took the pooch for a walk... caught the sun again. Put together a BBQ with my dad, was hilarious as he gets annoyed when it goes wrong ha! Resting inside from the sun now whilst I do this then back outside for the BBQ. Love the smell of BBQ's, it instantly makes me think of hot weather, good music & good company.

Here's my photos from this week..

Enjoy the sunshine! xoxo

ten things I'm loving right now

Thought I would squeeze in a quick little post on this glorious summers day! This weather is what we have all needed after all the rain & gloom. With a burst of sunshine and heat, I'm feeling oh so summery and excited to purchase some more summer appropriate items after wearing jumpers & thick knits for god knows how long. This post is not just clothes but everything!!

1. Lauren Conrad Dot Com
The girl from Laguna Beach and The Hills. Fashion icon, designer and author. Her blog covers clothes, beauty, health & fitness, food, photos, home, garden and so much more. Her post from today is what caught my eye.. especially to fit in with this weather!! Who doesn't love a good cocktail, whether you have friends over for food or a garden party, they are quick & easy to make and also a winner with everyone. Check out the post -----  http://www.laurenconrad.com/post/tuesday-ten-summer-cocktails

raspberry beer cocktail

2. Coral blusher
After searching for the perfect coral blusher with many a pound wasted,  I have now found the perfect one. Topshop blush in Head Over Heels. A stunning coral creme blush, the perfect coral colour, not too orange and not too pink, an ideal peachy colour that gives a nice glow to your skin in comparison to a powder blush.

3. Reminiscing
I've found a love lately for reminiscing with my favourite childhood films. From Madeline to Problem Child! Totally enjoying reliving the 90s, Fresh Prince of Bel Air is definitely a favourite of everyone!!

4. The gym
Never in a million years did I ever think that I would say anything as ridiculous as that. But I do have to admit that I have highly enjoyed going to the gym lately!! 2 hour sessions 3 times a week. Pretty good for me I must say. Cross trainer, rowing machine, bikes, abdominal machine. Hopefully will shift some weight I have put on whilst at uni! (stupid uni food)

5. Reading
The past few weeks I have finished a book and bought 4 others. Finished reading One Day.. the book is a million times better than the film! Bought.. The Propopercy of the Gems, Cider With Roadies, The Pyshcopath Test & The Power of Thinking without Thinking! So pleased that I am getting back into reading again.. However I WILL NEVER purchase a Kindle! The feel and smell of a new book is the best, the way you turn the corner of the page as your bookmark. As much as I love technology you cannot replace a book.

6. Lipsticks
I never really used to be a fan of lipsticks or even lip glosses for that matter. However, in the past 9months I have come to love them and have the beginnings of what could be a pretty big collection. Two MAC lipsticks (Rebel and On Hold), 17 in Beehive, and around 4 Topshop ones. I love adding a lipstick to an outfit that is rather plain and monochrome.

7. My dog
Can't say much more than that haha.

They have some amazing items in at the moment. I recently bought a shirt from there, utterly stunning is the word to describe it.

9. Instagram
I really do love instagram. Love looking at other peoples lives.. I wouldn't call it nosey, especially when they decide to post it. It's just intriguing to see how others live, work and play.
Follow me.. skullsandroses

10. Made in Chelsea
Packed full of drama, bitchiness, boi's and partying. Completely addicted.


sunday rundown

Well this week has been fairly uneventful to be honest. Finished my first year of university on Monday, a nice 2 hour exam to go with that, since then I've moved back home for the summer. A few days relaxation is what the doctor ordered after a not completely amazing first year uni experience. Been to the gym, a good stress reliever and for spotting eye-candy.. not brilliant when you are sweating though ha! 

Got some news on the work front this week! Last year I sold alcohol at concerts at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, so I got to see Take That 4 times and I got to see Kings of Leon. Amazing. This year I have been asked again, only 3 dates but better than nothing (and you get to see the concerts). Was supposed to be doing Coldplay but I already have a ticket for that. The other two are Bruce Springsteen & Red Hot Chili Peppers (cannot wait to see them!!!)

Went to visit my nana and my cousins this weekend! Only ever had a nana and I couldn't have asked for anyone better, banter. If you have me on Facebook you will see what she said.. if not I shall tell you now. I was early in arriving and she said 'ee love, you're early.. I better go put my teeth in. Nana's say the funniest things :) nice little chat with my cousin about school, university and boys! Lovely day, can't beat a family catch up.
Spent today watching One Day (finally finished reading the book - amazing). A little disappointed in the film in comparison to the book! Watched some Big Bang Theory and had a natter with my best friend. Sunday is definitely a day of rest!

Gym tomorrow and a pop into town! 


My life through instagram #006

I intended to do one last Sunday but I had an exam the next day so I spent my time revising!! (YAWN). Finished my first year at university now. I shall be doing a post on my experience. Had a great last weekend as my best friend came up from Nottingham for the weekend, which can only mean one thing.. double trouble. Had lovely night out on the Friday, a bar crawl and an early night turned into a club and returning to bed at half 3am!! (standard). The Saturday we spent hungover, got a chinese on the night time for while we watched Britains Got Talent, so pleased Pudsey the dog won! 
Now I'm back home for the summer, got a few things to look forward to. Going to see Coldplay in a few weeks time at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland. Apart from that.. need a job, some journalism experience and yeah.

Good luck in exams if you have any, hope you're all well xoxo

Hedkandi for Models Own

As soon as I saw these advertised I just had too. Considering Hedkandi is probably best known in Ibiza and that was my holiday choice last year, I thought it would be a good turning point to reminisce about it. The punchy neon colours and the sparkle, it truly sums up a night at Hedkandi at Es Paradise in San Antonia Bay, Ibiza. 

These are two of the photos I have from the Hedkandi night at Es Paradise! As you can see glitter raining from the ceiling and multi coloured neon zebras, exactly what was put into the Hedkandi for Models Own collection.

Underneath this gorgeous shimmer and sparkle I have Nails Inc Malibu Mojito. When I first saw this in the bottle I thought that it was going to be a black opaque polish with the sparkle mixed in, however it just looks like that as there is so much glitter packed into the bottle. It is just a clear nail polish with bright candy coloured glitter particles!! Beautiful. 
The only downside I would say to this nail polish is that it is a complete nightmare to get off! Also I didn't really fancy purchasing the other bright colours when in my opinion they looked completely similar to the Nails Inc Malibu collection, a bright turquoise blue, electric orange and a beautiful pinky-purple.

What are your opinions?xoxo

the month of may

New post series! At the beginning of every month I though I would do a post of my favourites for the coming month and my things to look out for!


Rita Ora ft Tinie Tempah - RIP. Absolutely love this song however, I have a huge love for drum, bass and dubstep so love this remix by delta heavy! 

SBTRKT - Pharaohs.  A lovely song to chill out to on a sunny day (praying that we get some form of warm weather soon unlike the amount of rain we have had lately)

Also.. look out for The Cribs new album 'In the Belly of the Brazen Bull'. LOVE!! Here is one of the tracks from the album called Glitters like Gold.


My favourite fashion trends for this month. Plain and simple monochrome with a punch of colour! Flower print black and white formal joggers from Topshop shop with a punch of colour from a neon clutch and some statement jewelry is what I'm sporting for this month!

Another favourite of mine for this month would be 'British'. It's all to do with the British this year with the Queens Jubilee along with the 2012 Olympics being hosted in London. Sport your favourite British designer from Vivienne Westwood to Alexander McQueen! If you can't afford to do that.. well there's always the options of the 'British' images, from a union jack flag to a bowler hat on your head.


I used to love reading and this year I have indefinitely rekindled my love for just sitting a reading. However, none of this Kindle malarkly, I love the feel of a proper book. Turning the corner instead of a bookmark, that smell of a new or old book. You just can't beat it!!!

My favourite reads for this month along with some picks are:
 - David Nicholls 'One Day'. Absolutely love this book! It's funny, heart wrenching and pulls you in at the first page. I definitely recommend you read this.
 - Jon Ronson 'The Psychopath Test' .. a journey through the madness industry. I haven't read this book yet as I have only just purchased it. I've seen it around a lot and to me I'm hoping it's one of those thought provoking books that leaves you wondering and gets the mind flowing. Seems highly interesting.. and I'm also told a bit of a comedy. Perfect.
 - 'The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington'. I frigging love An  Idiot Abroad. It really is quite funny, just because he is so ignorant and unwilling to try new things. I picked this book up as a nice light read full of humor. Just what I need after I finish my last exam of my first year at university. (Another separate post on that soon.


The one film I am forcing you to go and see is Marvel's Avengers Assemble. Completely amazing. Go grab yourself a pick'n'mix and a frozen fanta drink!

Let me know what you think to this sort of post! Speak soon xoxo

my life through instagram #005

Really haven't done much this week, well I have as it has been completely stressful and draining but yeah!