grab life & opportunities with both hands

Lately I have been over thinking far too much for my own good! You know when you feel a bit low and down, and then you begin to think how to sort yourself out #giveheadawobble .. (please note that this is going to be an extremely rambly post where I'm venting my feelings that more than likely won't be of interest to anyone) Well I've been doing exactly that. It's not a healthy thing I do but I can't help it. I've always said to myself that I really don't have a plan in life of what I want to do, where I see myself or life goals. I intend to see how things go, follow the road and go with the flow. Don't get me wrong.. I have dreams of being a journalist, always have done, but that's just a pipeline dream and I doubt I'll ever get there (major lack of self confidence going on here). Despite this I've always said that I would never regret anything and that I would also grab opportunities by both hands!

So.. half way through my first year at university I found out that I could get the amazing chance of studying abroad. I remember looking at uni courses and this opportunity looked like one that could not be missed, a once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad.. or more specifically in my case.. NEW YORK! When it actually came round filling out the forms and checking more into it I decided against going to study abroad. Massive regret now. At the time I thought of all the expenses, the distance from home, the fact I would have to find someone to live in my house for the three months I weren't there. It all just seemed like a load hassle. As much as I wanted to go I just didn't know if it was going to be worth the hassle.

But looking back I really regret not jumping at the opportunity of a lifetime to study in New York for 3months! It would have been an amazing experience. Really hoping & praying that I can get the chance to again next year fingers crossed for me!!

My advice to you guys.. don't sit and think about life changing opportunities as they may only come around once. Grab them with both hands!!! :-)

P.S HIYAAAA, from my lovely new netbook!


putting ink to skin

Hello darlings! As you may know if you have checked out some of my older posts that I have two tattoos already and I'm dying to add more. I do have some planned for the future which will be personal and mean a lot to me but there are a few that I really fancy having just because they look nice. I'm aware that this is a marmite kind of situation where people love or hate tattoos or the fact that people say I will regret them when I'm old. In regards to regretting them when I am older, I really don't think that I will. I mean the two I have now, lyrics on my ribs and a suit of cards on my wrist, can be covered up. It's not like when I'm 80 I'm going to have my ribs on show is it? And.. the one on my wrist can easily be covered by a watch strap! I personally love tattoos, although some tattoos that people have I do look at and think why?!

Anyway. These are a few images of a few tattoos that I would love to get when I can afford them. Tattoos seriously aren't cheap!

Moon Star Tattoos Designs Body-Art Pictures Images Ink Flash 39 

What are your opinions on tattoos? Or do you have any, I'd love to see!

recent purchases

Just a quick little post to show you some recent purchases I have made! So excited to try out the No.7 Fanomenal Lashes mascara.. which I got half price.. and paid for with my boots points so I technically got it for free. Free is always good! When I got home I then realised I had picked up the colour brown/black by accident instead of black. Not too fussed though as it looks a little more natural, but I really do love stand out black lashes.. may have to buy another but in black (review coming soon!). I've been wanting a blazer for a while, as a piece I can just throw on for uni and I absolutely fell in love with this Love Label one from a gorgeous tartan with faux leather sleeves a pockets! Such a statement piece that can be worn over a variety of wardrobe basics! My dad's girlfriend kindly bought me this Primark shirt.. I saw the studded black collar one on my instagram but I much preffered this one as it is a lot more classy and can be worn day to night bonus. Andddd I have just ordered a netbook. EEEEK. Been lusting after one for a couple of years and now that I'm going into my second year of university I thought it would be the ideal time to invest in one as it's small enough to carry in my uni bag without taking up a lot of space and weighing heavy.. and the benefit that I don't need to carry the charger for it as it has up to 8hours battery!! Happy times :-)

book review: Labyrinth

Hello :)!! Recently finished this book.. I used to love reading when I was younger but when I got year 9/10 onwards I just seemed to stop. Fair to say my social life took over. However, since going to university I have rekindled my love for being a huge bookworm! Being at uni, and even more so on my course, you have to do a lot of reading outside of class. The first book (non-uni related) that I picked up was a book a lot of people were hyping around at the time.. 'One Day'. Fair to say, in my opinion, this book definitely lived up to it's hype, I completely loved it and it had all the factors it should have about a book, shock, love, emotion and gripping! At this point I still hadn't seen the film either but as soon as I finished I did.. massive disappointment to be honest. BOOKS ARE ALWAYS BETTER THAN FILM!! 

Anyway back to the actual review! I picked Labyrinth up from a charity shop for a bargain price of 99p!! It was either this book or a Philipa Gregory book but as I hadn't read either, I read the first page of each and Labyrinth took my interest most. Labyrinth by Kate Mosse (important: not the model) is a story of three secrets, two women separated by 800years, and one grail. Alais and Alice Tanner are two women separated by 800 years but have the same destiny bound in them. The book goes through hard times in Carcassonne, France, when religion is a subject to divide many a opinion. During these hard times Alais is given a task by her father to protect the Book of Words and make sure that the grail stays with who is should. Fast forward 800years and Alice Tanner is on sight of an archaeological dig, while wandering she finds a boulder with something hidden beneath it. As she tries to retrieve the item the boulder falls an uncovers a cave. This cave contains a grave with two skeletons, a ring, an altar and the signs of a labyrinth & ankh. Alice does not realise the journey that she is about to embark on when she discovers these!

I really enjoyed this book! It was gripping and definitely kept me reading on to find out what happened to the grail, and see what happened to Alais & Alice. Although, I do have to say that in parts I did think it was a little rambly. Apart from that I thought it was a really interesting book! Definitely a book that catches your imagination, spinning you into the past and back to the present, both eras trying to protect the grail. I would give this book probably an 8 out of 10 and I recommend this book!!

As soon as I finished this book I felt a little lost with not carrying a book with me 24/7 or having a book to read in bed.. so as soon as I finished I picked up one of my dad's girlfriends book 'The Queens Fool' by Philipa Gregory! Already a way into this after only beginning to read this yesterday and I'm definitely enjoying it. I do have to say there is a little link between this book and 'Labyrinth' in the fact that they both have a little to do with religion, Heretics and such. But definitely going to be reading some more of her books when I finish this one.

What books are you reading at the minute? Would love to hear your book recommendations for me!

sunday rundown

Well another week done & dusted thank heavens! This week hasn't been the best of the weeks to quite honest as you may have read from my last post. Been a pretty average week...

cool jumper from Art Disco  |  some people are just nasty  |  slouchy day for me  |  new favourite artist - addicted to Just Be
nightime treat  |  ripped denim shirt & sunnies  |  treat my dad got me. hate public speaking  |  starcrossed lovers
cosy new dressing gown & pj's from mama  |  gorgeous new blazer  |  primark shirt embroidered collar  |  best nana <3
LOVED this book - book review coming soon..  |  rainy sunday bank holiday car journeys  | music


Yelllloooo my lovelies! This is just a quick post really. I feel bad for not blogging so much this month in comparison to last month where I blogged every day! I have ideas and such but at the moment it is fair to say I have been feeling quite demotivated and I'm just having a bit of a crappy time at the moment feeling low & down... and possibly the fact I only have 2 weeks left with my lovely friends and family before I head back to university for my second year! Don't get me wrong I'm so excited to go back and see everyone I have missed, and I'm excited for my course again too but I feel like I'm going to miss family and homely comforts a lot more the second time around :( especially my pooch! So this is just a quick post to say sorry for my terrible posting abilities at the minute, I do intend to spend Monday scheduling a few posts while I'm in the car on the way to Cragside House for the day but just to let you know that I may not be blogging very much over the next month.. the next two weeks will be spent with my family a lot and celebrating my mam's, dad's andddd brother's birthday, all in the space of 5 days.. and when I'm back at uni, we don't have internet sorted in our new house yet so I will either be making trips to the uni library or I might just drag myself into Yorks Starbucks for free wifi and a cheeky mocha! (Second option definitely more appealing.. although my library does have uber comfy beanbags!!) Love you all lots, thank you for all the great feedback over the past couple of months it really means a lot me.. I always get a cheesy little grin when I see a new comment :)


britains beauty

Hello lovelies! At the weekend just gone me and my dad had little journey to the beautiful Lake District! I do love living in the city but you really can't beat the beauty of the Lakes. Before we left it was red hotttt, so I was wearing a little breton stripe dress and my converse.. however on the way it decided to rain and it rained all the time when we were there too, which was a bit of a bummer! Here are a few photo's from my day trip.. Enjoy :)

 that isn't fog.. it's the clouds! Could literally touch them!!

leaves are beginning to fall

Hello everyone! Pinched my dads camera to take a few cheeky outfit of the day posts. Watching the weather today definitely put a bigger dampener on summer.. cool & chilly weather is on its way boooooo!! :( These couple of outfits that I have put together are great for when that wind has a little chill in it but the sun is still quite warm. Layering is perfect!

Cardigan - charity shop  |  Basic blue tee - Topshop  |  Floral printed trousers - Topshop

 sorry Annie wanted to join in on the action. cutie.
Blouse - charity shop  |  Jeans (not so black anymore - h&m  |  Brogues (worn in both) - Next

Today I wore the outfit with the jazzy blouse! The wind was quite strong and it was a little chilly so I wanted to throw something on the top for when I went into town.. I tried a cardigan but it was too warm, tried my leather jacket but the same. Then I thought I could put my shirt on the top, keeps me cool still with the short sleeves and being unbuttoned but still keeps the chilly wind from making me cold. Oh.. and I absolutely adore my new brogues from Next.

my experience: losing weight

Okay so here goes a series that I'm going to try my hardest to keep at! In my opinion the British Summer was well over before it started, I'm off for my second year at university in 3 weeks and Christmas is fast upon us don't shoot the messenger With that in mind I'm going to start a regime that will have me in that perfect LBD by Christmas without looking the way I do now. After great feedback in my last 'my experience' series I'm going to start a new series about my experience on losing weight! So in this series expect to see my gym or fitness routine and what I'm eating! Also I may throw in a few items I'm loving, whether it be equipment, food or clothes! Here goes...

I think when it comes to wanting to lose weight you need to give your self a managable target, something exciting at the end of hitting that target and to begin with the basics! What I'm going to do first in order to get myself started is this..

  • get a diary or notebook and write you daily food/exercise diary
  • take your measurements.. this way you can keep checking up to see how you're doing! So this includes hips, waist, bust. Oh and get your current weight written down too!
  • scour the internet and books for healthy recipes that you will enjoy
For me losing weight isn't about eating a carrot stick and running 100miles a day, it's about eating healthy, eating in moderation, food portion size and exercise (a good amount!). You don't want to make yourself ill by eating 100 calories a day and running til you pass out! I've never been a girl that has been happy with her weight or is super body confident. I think when I was at sixth form was the time where I felt most body confident and I was generally happy with my weight and such. Buttt since going to uni and the uni lifestyle of drinking and eating rubbish it has made me put on a heck of a lot more weight than I ever imagined I would. I'm not skinny and never will be but I'd love to get to a size and shape that I'm happy with. Of current I'm a size 14/16 depending on the shop. So from now on I pledge my allegiance to losing weight! In an ideal world I'd love to get to a size 10/12 but my now I'm just going to set my self weight loss targets for each month, for September I'm going to set myself a target of losing half a stone.. which is 7lbs!

I will keep updating you with insights into my food diary, how I'm doing, how I'm feeling and so on! Hope you enjoy this new series xoxo

ps. huge shoutout to Rhiannon from okthistime ..she's a lovely, lovelyyyy girl with a blog and youtube channel in the same boat as me using it as an outlet! massive hugs for her at the moment. alsoooo check out her youtube channel as she is such a real person, i mean i know she's real but she speaks the honest truth and have a little insight into her life xxxx

sunday rundown

Hello lovelies! Well as of late I really haven't felt like blogging :-( I just can't seem to find things I want to write about, so if I'm a little MIA or just blog every now and again please forgive me! I've got a few posts that I'm on writing and a few posts coming up as I'm back off to university in 3 weeks, eeeeek. Can't wait to see all my girlies again.

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book in bed, favourite | people watching Annie | ideal saturday morning | dress + converse for hot weather
day trip to the lake district on a rainy day, i could literally touch these clouds